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Ally Noble and ShiningNobleNobilityFeminine of AlexanderHighDefender of Man
Anally Industrious LeaderBraveHome Ruler
Cally BirdVariant of ByrdLike a BirdUnusual Nature Name
Citally Beautiful ChristianFollower of Christ
Citlally Beautiful ChristianFollower of Christ
Dally Eye of the DayDay's Eye
Hally Hay MeadowArmy PowerStrong in War
Kally Most BeautifulFortressModern Variant of CallieFairestSinging LarkLovelyBlack
Keally Fair and Slender
Magally IlluminationMythological Roman Goddess of Childbirth and Giver of First Light to NewbornsLight
Mally HoneySweet
Nally Form of WillaminaWillDesireHelmetProtectionResoluteStrongLoveWill-helmetMotherBitternessChild of the Red EarthGracefulSpecial
Nashally PearlA Drink of WaterDustA Drink
Natally Woman from MagdalaTowerWomen of MagdalaFrom the High TowerBowedSnakeBirthdayChristmas Day
Nathally MercifulFemale Version of MylesBestower of JoyGangaGoddess DurgaA Holy CowDaughterOne who Brings Joy
Quetzally Bobbin WorkerWebThreadEyeFaceVoiceFlowerA Diminutive of PenelopeWeaverLoveFrom the East
Rally Deer MeadowFrom the Roe Deer Meadow
Salle Guards WiselyStrong DefenderProtecting HandsDecision ProtectorRedRed HairedKing
Sallee Form of SarahPrincess
Salley Combination of Rose and AnnaFavour
Salli Let as in Let Me
Sallie LadyPrincess
Sallsbury From the Fortified Keep
Sally PrincessLadyForm of SarahNoble Lady
Sallyann Rules with Good JudgmentCounsel PowerExaltedOn HighForm of VeronicaTrue ImageWise RulerRules with CounselStrong CounselOne who Brings Victory
Sallyanne Guards WiselyStrong DefenderProtecting HandsDecision ProtectorRedRed HairedKing
Sallye Combination of Rose and AnnaFavourMoonLightShineHeavenGoddess of the MoonPeacefulCourteousFennel
Sallyjo Combination of Rose and AnnaFavour
Shally Sun ChildBright Sun
Tally Surname
Vally StrongCourageousHealthy
Wally Ruler of the ArmyWelshmanVariant of Walter RulesPeople of PowerArmy RulerFrom Wales
Xally YouthfulSpring GreenGreenPlace of Alder TreesAbbreviations of Vernon or LavernForm of VerdiSpring LikeDiscriminating
Xitlally WillDesire and HardyBraveBoldResoluteBold willStrong DesireStrong Willed

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