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Dive into our collection of 8126 Norwegian names bestowed upon thousands of babies each year in Norway. Take more informed decision for your baby with our detailed meaning page of each baby name with origin, usage and popularity statistics. Browse through baby names alphabetically to view more concentrated results.

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AadneBoy Rule Eagle
AageBoy The Word Ano Meaning Ancestor Representative of Ancestors
AagotGirl The Good
AakeBoy Noble The Ewe Representative of Ancestors Sword Tip
AaliyahBoy Girl Exalted One To Ascend Bright Tall

AamundBoy Awe Protection
AaneBoy To Gain A Prefix Auspicious Mahurat An Atom
AanenBoy A Prefix An Atom To Gain Moment Especially for  Performing Rituals
AanjeBoy Arn
AanonBoy An Atom A Prefix Auspicious Mahurat To Gain
AanundBoy Auspicious Mahurat An Atom To Gain Moment Especially for  Performing Rituals
AaronBoy He Who Comes After High in Hebrew Tall Enlightened One
AasaGirl Hope Aspiration
AaseGirl From the Tree-Covered Mountain
AasgjerdGirl Spear Hard Gerd Enclosure To be Guarded
AaskarBoy Ase God Gentle Friend Name of a Nordic Divinity
AasmundBoy Protection Deity Protector Ase
AasoldBoy Wolf The Element Úlfr with the Meaning Wolf
AastaGirl Trust Faith
AasulfBoy Wolf The Element Úlfr with the Meaning Wolf
AavetGirl Archer Diminutive of Yvonne Yew Tree The Archeress
AbbieGirl Father of Joy
AbbyBoy Girl My Father is Light
AbegailGirl My Father Rejoices Joy of My Father
AbelBoy Vanishing Fragility Vapour Healthy
AbelineVanishing Fragility
AbeloneGirl Inspired By the Greek God Apollo
AbeluGirl Inspired By the Greek God Apollo
AbelunGirl Inspired By the Greek God Apollo
AbigaelGirl God is My Joy
AbigailBoy Girl My Father Rejoices The Intelligent
ÅbjørnBoy One who is Merciful and Foreseeing Knowledge To be Clever Lamb As Well
AbluGirl Inspired By the Greek God Apollo
AblunGirl Inspired By the Greek God Apollo
AbrahamineGirl Father of a Multitude Faultless
AbsalonBoy God the Father of Peace Handsome Prince
AcasiusBoy Achaz Lord Has Yahweh
AchimBoy God Puts Upright Yahweh Will Establish
AdalbertBoy Noble and Brilliant Nobly Famous Illustrious Bright
AdalizGirl Noble Kind Precious Softer Lust
AdamaBoy Girl Man Majestic
AdarBoy Ruler Prince Fire Eminent High
AddaGirl Reward Of Noble Beings Friendship Decked
AddarBoy Ruler Prince Wealthy Spear Owner of Many Spears Inspired By a Family Name High
AddiGirl First Noble Kind

AdeaGirl Of Noble Figure Gift
AdelBoy Noble High-born Sincere Brave
AdelaidaGirl Noble and Fight Lust Small Winged One Nobility
AdeleideGirl Of Noble Figure
AdeleineGirl Brightness Kind Honorable Noble
AdelheidGirl Of a Noble Kind
AdelinGirl Noble and Sweet
AdelinaGirl Noble
AdelineBrightness Sweet Honorable Nobility
AdelisGirl Of Noble Figure Nobility Honorable Nobel
AdelsteinBoy Stone Nobel Precious
AdelusGirl Honorable Noble and Fight Precious Softer
AdinaBoy Girl The Word Adin Which is of the Meaning Slender Delicate Ornamented Decorated Gentle
AdineGirl Decorated Ornamented
AdlaugGirl High in Hebrew Powerful as an Eagle The Enlightened Lofty
AdlerBoy Eagle
AdnaGirl In the Bible Settle Pleasure Joy
ÅdneBoy Eagle Rule
AdolfineBoy Honorable Wolf
AdonisBoy Lord Yahweh Handsome Youth Ruler
AdorBoy Norwegian name
AdriaenBoy Woman from Hadria
AdrianeGirl Woman from Hadria Etruscan Dark Square Room
AdriannaGirl From Hadria Woman from Hadria
AdrianneGirl From Hadria Adriatic Sea Dark
AdrianoBoy From Hadria Adriatic Sea
AdrianusAdriatic from the Stem End
AdrienneBoy Girl Adriatic Sea Woman from Hadria
ÅfridGirl The Chaste Lamb As Well Good
AgarGirl He who Escaped
AgateGirl The Agate Stone
AgathaGirl Good
AgatheGirl The Good
AgathonBoy Masculine form of Agatha
AgatonBoy Nordic spelling of Agathon
AgdaGirl The Good
AgdarBoy The Good
AgderBoy The Good
AgdisGirl Old Swedish form (and new Norwegian combination) of Ádís
AgeBoy Month of the Sun Exalted Summer August Dignified Holy
AgertonBoy Variant form of Agathon
ÅgesineGirl Sinai Explorer of Knowledge Rosina God is Merciful
AggaGirl Hagnos Meaning Pure Chaste Lamb As Well
AggieGirl Good
AgmundBoy Sword Protection

AgnaGirl Pure
AgnarBoy Ruler with the Sword
AgneGirl The Pure Chaste Lamb As Well
AgnerBoy Diamonds
AgnesaGirl The Pure The Chaste
AgneseGirl The Pure The Chaste
AgnetaGirl Fire The Chaste
AgneteGirl The Chaste The Pure
AgnethaGirl The Chaste The Pure
AgnetheGirl Pure The Chaste Lamb As Well
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