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Dive into our collection of 8125 Norwegian names bestowed upon thousands of babies each year in Norway. Take more informed decision for your baby with our detailed meaning page of each baby name with origin, usage and popularity statistics. Browse through baby names alphabetically to view more concentrated results.

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AadneBoy Variant spelling of Ådne Eagle
AageBoy Variant form of Old Norse given name, Áki which means "ancestors or father"
AagotGirl Ruler of the House Short Form of Henrietta Generous Female Version of Henry
AakeBoy Ancestor Fieldman Pet form of Akaaton Short form of Rakel
AaliyahBoy Girl To Ascend Highly Exalted The High Sublime Exalted One The Ascent Lofty Towering

AamundBoy Variant spelling of Åmund
AaneBoy Variant spelling of Åne
AanenBoy Variant spelling of Ånen
AanjeBoy Variant spelling of Ånje
AanonBoy Variant spelling of Ånon
AanundBoy Variant spelling of Ånund
AaronBoy Exalted One High Mountain The EnlightenedThe Enlightened Mountain of Strength Exalted
AasaGirl Hope Aspiration
AaseGirl Danish variant spelling of Åse
AasgjerdGirl Variant spelling of Åsgjerd
AaskarBoy Creative spelling of Oskar
AasmundBoy Variant spelling of Åsmund
AasoldBoy Variant spelling of Åsold
AastaGirl Faith Trust
AasulfBoy Norwegian variant spelling of Åsulf
AavetGirl Variant spelling of Ovet
AbbieGirl Variation of Abbi
AbbyBoy Girl Father My Father is Light Father in Rejoicing My Father RejoicesShort form of Abigail Father of Exaltation
AbegailGirl My Father Rejoices
AbelBoy Came from Hevel meaning Breath
AbeloneGirl Scandinavian form of Apollonia (meaning inspired by the Greek god Apollo). Derivative of Apollon God of light
AbeluGirl Short form of Abelone
AbelunGirl Short form of Abelone
AbigaelGirl Little Female Bear Knowledge Understanding Wisdom and Knowledge From Wine Country Heroic Flow of Water
AbigailBoy Girl My Father Is Joy Head of a Monastery Father's Joy Gives Joy The Intelligent Father of Exaltation Father in Rejoicing English name of Hebrew origin, meaning: the Father hath rejoiced. Particularly widespread in Australia and the USA. Namesake: Susan Abigail Sarandon, American actress.
ÅbjørnBoy Danish and Norwegian younger form of Ábiǫrn
AbluGirl Short form of Abelone
AblunGirl Short form of Abelone
AbrahamineGirl Variant form of Abrahamina
AbsalonBoy Handsome Prince God the Father of Peace
AcasiusBoy Norwegian spelling of Achatius
AchimBoy Hebrew origin, short form of Joachim (meaning: God judges on) Yahweh Will Establish A timeless popular name. Namesakes: Achim von Arnim, German poet. Raised by Yahweh He will establish
AdalbertBoy Intelligent Noble Highborn Brilliant Bright Famous Old High German origin, meaning: of noble lineage. In Germany in the Middle Ages spread, now rare. Namesakes: St. Adalbert, bishop of Prague, who was stabbed to death in 997 the missionary of the Prussians and 999 canonized.. Noble shining
AdalizGirl Father
AdamaBoy Girl Pearl Child of Light Man
AdarBoy High Eminent Fire Noble
AddaGirl Place Old High German short form of names with "nobility" (meaning: noble) Hebrew origin, meaning: the decked, of noble beings. Namesake: Ada Lovelace, Britsche mathematician.
AddarBoy Variant form of Adar
AddiGirl First

AdeaGirl Ruler of the House Short Form of Henrietta Generous Female Version of Henry Moon Fame News Ethiopian One who is Famous Welcoming Hospitable Power of Zeus Belonging to Zeus Guest Stranger Woman Beautiful Ornament Lump of Earth Father My Father is Light Father in Rejoicing
AdelBoy Righteous Upright Sincere Justice Noble Nobility Just Honest
AdelaidaGirl Noble being
AdeleideGirl Variant spelling of Adelaide
AdeleineGirl Father
AdelheidGirl Noble being
AdelinGirl First
AdelinaGirl Noble
AdelineNoble Nobility Diminutive of Adèle Noblility
AdelisGirl First
AdelsteinBoy Norwegian modern form of Aðalsteinn
AdelusGirl Former Norwegian variant form of Adaliz
AdinaBoy Girl Delicate Gentle
AdineGirl Ruler of the House Short Form of Henrietta Generous Female Version of Henry Ornamented
AdlaugGirl Variant form of Arnlaug
AdlerBoy Solitary Adviser Nun Wish Desire Aristocratic Individual Little Giver Lady Alone Wise Guardian Will Helmet Protection Just One Noble One Name of a God One who Brings Victory True Image Severe True Faith Eagle
AdnaGirl Ruler of the House Short Form of Henrietta Generous Female Version of Henry Pleasure Delight In the Bible Name of Two Israelites of the Returned Community Settle
ÅdneBoy Norwegian dialectal form of Árni (see Arni) Eagle
AdolfineBoy feminine form of Adolf (meaning: noble wolf). Namesake: Adolphine von Klitzing, German writer.
AdonisBoy Lord Lord Yahweh Handsome Youth Known from Greek mythology as the epitome of the beautiful youth In Greek mythology, Adonis the lover of Aphrodite
AdorBoy Norwegian name
AdriaenBoy Dutch form of Adrian Place Name From Adria-a North Italian City Dark One Man from Etruscan city, Hadria Dutch form of Adrian
AdrianeGirl From Hadria Dark Latin origin, meaning: originally from Adria, Etruscan meaning: square room. Namesake: Adriana Hölszky, German-Romanian composer.
AdriannaGirl Variation of Adriana
AdrianneGirl From Hadria Dark
AdrianoBoy Black Dark Of the Adriatic Italian form of Adrian (meaning: originally from Adria). Namesakes: Adriano Celentano, Italian singer and actor.
AdrianusLatin origin, meaning: the Adriatic from the stem end. Timeless name that has become increasingly popular in recent years. In the form known as Pope Hadrian Name. Namesakes: Adrian Willaert, Flemish composer.
AdrienneBoy Girl Native of the city Adria Feminine of Adrien
ÅfridGirl Younger form of Áfríðr
AgarGirl Flight
AgateGirl Nordic spelling of Agathe
AgathaGirl Good
AgatheGirl Came from Agathos meaning Good
AgathonBoy Masculine form of Agatha
AgatonBoy Nordic spelling of Agathon
AgdaGirl Noble and of Kind Spirit The Good Good
AgdarBoy Male form of Agda
AgderBoy Variant form of Agdar
AgdisGirl Old Swedish form (and new Norwegian combination) of Ádís
AgeBoy Swedish pet form of August (see Augustus)
AgertonBoy Variant form of Agathon
ÅgesineGirl Norwegian name
AggaGirl Pet form of Agathe
AggieGirl Good Woman Chaste Good Diminutive of Agatha Diminutive of Agnes
AgmundBoy Old Swedish and younger form of Agmundr

AgnaGirl Swedish diminutive of Agnes (meaning: the Pure).
AgnarBoy Younger form of Agnarr
AgneGirl Variant form of Agna
AgnerBoy Variant form of Agnar
AgnesaGirl Dark and Rich Woman from Hadria Sun Sunlight The Sun Extending Far Profound Unimaginable Intelligent The Pure
AgneseGirl Variant of Agnes Name of Two Israelites of the Returned Community The Pure
AgnetaGirl The Pure
AgneteGirl The Pure
AgnethaGirl Form of Agnes (meaning: the Pure). Namesake: Agnetha Fältskog, Swedish singer in ABBA.
AgnetheGirl Danish cognate of Agnes
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