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BáfurrOld Norse name of unknown meaning
BaggiOld Norse name and byname
BaldiOld Norse short form of names containing the name element BALD (esp. Baldvin)
BaldrekrOld Norse name

BaldvinNordic spelling of Baldwin
BalkiKind Like a Baby
BálkiOld Norse variant form of Balki
BalliOld Norse ballr = 'dangerous, terrible, bold, brave, daring'
BalliROld Norse variant form of Balli
BallsiOld Norse variant form of Balli
BallungROld Norse combination of Balli with an -ungr-ending
BalsiOld Norse variant form of Balli
BaltiOld Norse name and byname
BaltrOld Norse byname
BangsiOld Norse name meaning 'bear'
BankiOld Norse form of Banke
BardærOld Norse variant form of Bárðr
BárekrOld Norse variant form of *Bǫðríkr
BariOf Allah Creator Deity Sharp Pointed
BarkiVariant form of Bǫrkr
BarkrVariant form of Bǫrkr
BarkviðrOld Norse form of Barkvidh
BároðrOld Norse younger form of *Baðu-friðuR
BarðiOld Norse barð = 'beard, brim, verge, beak of a ship' (see also BARD)
BárðrOld Norse short form of Bárøðr
BárøðrOld Norse form of *Baðu-friðuR
BassiOld Norse bassi = 'wild boar'
BaugiOld Norse variant form of Baugr
BaugrOld Norse baugr = 'ring, armlet, money'
BaulfRVariant form of BáulfR
BáulfROld Norse name
BausiFrom an Old Norse word related to the Norwegian dialectal word bause = 'magnate, proud and conceited person'
BaðiOld Norse pet form of names containing the name element BÖÐ
BeggiShort form of names beginning with Berg- (see name element BORG)
BeglaOld Norse variant form of BægliR
BeigaldiOld Norse name meaning 'lame, weak'
BeigaðrOld Norse name related to Icelandic beigur = 'fear'
BeimiOld Norse name related to Old Norse beimar = 'warriors (poet.)'
BeimuniOld Norse variant form of Beimi
BeiniVariant form of Beinir
BeinirOld Norse beini(r) = 'help, benefit' (see also BEIN)
BeinviðrOld Norse name of uncertain meaning, some theories include:
BeitiOld Norse name

BekanOld Norse form of Becán
BekkanOld Norse form of Beccán
BekkrOld Norse name
BeliFrom Bell Stomach
BenedictusBlessed Happy
BenediktNoble Bear Rock Adherent of the Goddess Artemis The Blessed
BenediktNoble Bear Rock Adherent of the Goddess Artemis Latin origin, meaning: the Blessed One. In the Middle Ages widespread in reference to the Holy. Benedict of Nursia (founder of the Benedictine order) and by several popes. In Germany a timeless name that is popular again. Namesakes: Pope Benedict XVI. (Actually: Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger).
BenediktusNordic spelling of Benedictus
BengeirrOld Norse name
BensiOld Norse pet form of Benedictus
BenteinnOld Norse name and byname, originally a kenning for a sword
BentiOld Norse pet form of Benteinn
BeraA Well Declaring
BergelmirOld Norse name
BergfinnrOld Norse name
BergljótrOld Norse name
BergrOld Norse variant spelling of BergR
BergrOld Norse variant spelling of BergR
BergsveinnOld Norse name
BergsvæinnOld Norse variant form of Bergsveinn
BergulfrOld Norse variant form of Bjǫrgulfr
BergviðrOld Norse name
BergþórrOld Norse name
BerlingrOld Norse name
BermóðrOld Norse variant form of Bjarnmóðr
BernhardMeadow of Ash Trees Ash Tree Meadow Dwells at the Ash Tree Meadow Ash-tree Meadow Ash Wood Old High German name, meaning: the Bärenstarke. In Germany since the Middle Ages a timeless name, popular in particular by numerous saints (eg St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the founder of the Cistercian Order). Namesakes: Bernhard Minetti, German actor.
BernhardMeadow of Ash Trees Ash Tree Meadow Dwells at the Ash Tree Meadow Ash-tree Meadow Ash Wood Bear
BernhardusLatinised form of Bernhard
BersiOld Norse pet form of Biǫrn
BessiVariant form of Bersi
BialfiOld Norse bjalfi = 'fur, pelt' Old Norse bjálfi = 'fur, pelt'
BiálfiOld Norse variant form of Bialfi
BiarngæiRROld Norse name, combination of BJÖRN and GEIR
BiarnheðinnOld Norse variant spelling of Bjarnheðinn
BiarnhǫfðiOld Norse name meaning bear-head
BiarniOld Norse and Old Danish variant form of Biǫrn as well as short form of combinations with the name element BJÖRN
BiarnlaugROld Norse name
BiarnulfROld Norse variant form of Bjǫrnulfr
BiartmarrOld Norse variant spelling of Bjartmarr
BiartrOld Norse variant spelling of Bjartr
BiblindiOld Norse variant form of Biflindi
BidawarijaRProto-Norse name
BiflindiOld Norse name meaning 'story shield':
BifurrOld Norse name deriving from Middle High German biber = 'beaver' (see also BJUR)
BikkiOld Norse name related to Norwegian bikse = 'peg' and bikkel = 'cone'

BíldrOld Norse bíldr = 'knife for blood-letting'
BillingrOld Norse billingr = 'twin, hermaphrodite'
BillingrOld Norse billingr = 'twin, hermaphrodite'
BiólanOld Norse variant spelling of Bjólan
BiólfrOld Norse variant spelling of Bjólfr
BiornOld Danish and Old Swedish form of Biǫrn
BiǫrnOld Norse name, which was also used as a byname.
BiǫrnólfrOld Norse variant spelling of Bjǫrnólfr
BiǫrnúlfrOld Norse variant form of Bjǫrnulfr
Old Norse baby names
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