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GaddiOld Norse gaddr = 'goad, spike, point'
GagarrOld Norse byname
GagiOld Norse name, probably a variant form of GagR
GagnráðrVariant form of Gangráðr
GagROld Norse name, probably related to

GakkiOld Norse pet form of Garðketill
GalarrOld Norse name meaning 'screamer'
GalinnOld Norse name and byname
GalliOld Norse name and byname
GalmiOld Norse name meaning 'shouting one, roarer, bellower' (see GALM)
GalmrOld Norse variant form of Galmi
GálmrOld Norse variant form of Galmr
GaltiOld Norse galti = 'boar, hog'
GamallOld Norse byname and name Mountain
GamliOld Norse variant form of Gamall
GandalfrOld Norse name
GandálfrOld Norse variant form of Gandalfr
GangleriOld Norse gangleri = 'the one tired from walking' (see also GANG)
GangráðrOld Norse name meaning 'he who knows the way'
GangulfROld Norse name
GansiOld Norse byname related to the Swedish and Norwegian dialect word gant = 'fool, mocked one'
GapiOld Norse name and byname
GaprOld Norse variant spelling of GapR
GaprOld Norse variant spelling of GapR
GarderOld Norse variant form of Garðr
GarniOld Norse name of uncertain etymology
GarprOld Norse name and byname Old Norse garpr = 'a bold, dauntless man hero, champion'
GarðarrOld Norse variant form of Gerðarr
GarðiOld Norse variant form of Garðr
GarðkellOld Norse short form of Garðketill
GarðketillOld Norse name
GarðrOld Norse garðr = 'enclosure', 'protection' (see also GERD)
GasOld Swedish byname, variant form of Gás
GásOld Norse gás = 'goose'
GasiOld Danish form of Gási
GásiOld Norse byname and name
GassiOld Norse and Old Danish byname, variant form of Gási
GaukrOld Norse name and byname
GautarrOld Norse name
GautdiarfROld Norse name
GauteOld Norse variant form of Gauti The Goth
GautiOld Norse variant form of Gautr
GautrOld Norse gautr = 'Goth, from Gautland (= Götaland , Gothia in southern Sweden)' (see also GAUT)
GautráðrOld Norse name, combination of GAUT and RAD.
GautrekrOld Norse name

GautulfROld Norse name
GautúlfrOld Norse variant form of GautulfR
GautviðrOld Norse name
GeddaOld Norse byname
GefialdrVariant form of Gjafvaldr
GeflaugRVariant form of Giaflaugr
GefulfROld Norse name, combination of GJAF and ULF
GegnirOld Norse name and byname
GeiraldiOld Norse variant form of Geirvaldr
GeirarðrOld Norse form of Gerhard
GeirbiǫrnOld Norse variant form of GæiRbiǫrn
GeirbjörnIcelandic modern form of GæiRbiǫrn
GeirbjǫrnOld Norse variant form of GæiRbiǫrn
GeirbrandrOld Norse name
GeirfinnrOld Norse name
GeirhvatrOld Norse variant spelling of GæiRhvatr
GeiriVariant spelling of GæiRi
GeirlaugNorwegian younger form of Geirlaugr
GeirlaugrOld Norse male form of GæiRlaug
GeirleifrOld Norse variant spelling of GæiRlæifR
GeirleikrOld Norse variant form of GæiRlakR
GeirmundrOld Norse variant spelling of GæiRmundr
GeirniOld Norse variant spelling of GæiRni
GeirniútrOld Norse variant spelling of GæiRniútr
GeirólfrOld Norse variant form of GæiRulfR
GeirrekrOld Norse name
GeirrǫðrOld Norse variant spelling of Gæirrøðr
GeirrøðrOld Norse variant spelling of Gæirrøðr
GeirsteinnOld Norse name
GeirulfrOld Norse variant spelling of GæiRulfR
GeirúlfrOld Norse variant spelling of GæiRulfR
GeirvaldrOld Norse form of Gervald
GeirviðrOld Norse variant spelling of GæiRviðr
GeirþiófrOld Norse variant form of Geirþjófr
GeirþjófrOld Norse name
GeirþórrOld Norse name
GeitirOld Norse variant spelling of GæitiR
GeitungrOld Norse variant form of GæitingR
GeorgGerman Form of George Earth Latin-Greek origin, meaning: Bauer. In Germany in the 20th century very popular, now declining popularity. Namesakes: Georg Friedrich Händel, German composer.
GeorgGerman Form of George Earth Farmer
GerðarrOld Norse name
GestrOld Norse gestr = 'guest' (see also GEST)
GevaldrVariant form of Gjafvaldr

GiaflaugrMale form of Gjaflaug
GiafvaldrVariant spelling of Gjafvaldr
GialliOld Norse gjalla = 'to scream, to shriek'
GiarðarrOld Norse variant form of Gerðarr
GilbertIllustrious Pledge Trusted Shining Pledge Bright Promise Bright Oath
GilbertBright Pledge Illustrious Pledge Trusted Shining Pledge Bright Promise Bright Oath English, French Nebenform of Giselbert (meaning composition of "hostage" and "shiny"). Namesakes: Gilbert Keith Chesterton, British writer.
GildiRunic Swedish gildi = 'guild-brother'
GillaThe Fellow The Youth Serving-man
GillikristrOld Norse form of the Gaelic name Gillacrist
Old Norse baby names
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