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ÓblauðrOld Norse name variant form of Úblauðr
ÓbæinnOld Norse variant form of Úbeinn
OddbiǫrnOld Norse variant spelling of Oddbjǫrn
OddbjörnIcelandic and Swedish younger form of Oddbjǫrn
OddbjǫrnOld Norse name

OddgeirrOld Norse name
OddiVariant form of Oddr
OddkellOld Norse name
OddleifrOld Norse name
OddmarrOld Norse name
OddmárrOld Norse variant form of Oddmarr
OddvakrOld Norse name
OdhenOld Norse variant spelling of Auðun
OdkelOld Norse variant form of Auðkæll
OdoenusLatinised of Auðun
OdouenusLatinised of Auðun
OdovenusLatinised of Auðun
OdowenusLatinised of Auðun
OdunOld Norse variant spelling of Auðun
OdænOld Norse variant spelling of Auðun
OfbradhAncient Norse name
ÓfeigrOld Norse variant form of Úfeigr
ÓfláROld Norse name
OflátiOld Norse name
OfráðrOld Norse younger form of Ofbradh
ÓfriðrOld Norse name
ÓfæigROld Norse variant form of Úfeigr
OfætiOld Norse name
OgmunderOld Norse variant form of Ǫgmundr
ÖgmundrOld Norse variant spelling of Ǫgmundr
ǪgmundrOld Norse variant form of Agmundr
ǪgurrOld Norse younger form of *Agvarr
ǪgvaldrOld Norse variant form of Agvaldr
ÓhnæigROld Norse name
ÓhnæisiOld Norse variant form of Ónæisi
ÓinnOld Norse óa-sk = 'to be frightened'
OlafrVariant spelling of Ólafr
ÓlafrOld Norse variant form of ÓlæifR
ÓlafrOld Norse variant form of ÓlæifR
ÓláfrVariant form of Ólafr
OlafuerVariant form of Ólafr
OlaifrVariant form of ÓlæifR
ÓlarrOld Norse variant form of Álarr
ǪlbjǫrnOld Norse name

ÓleifrVariant spelling of ÓlæifR
ǪlfunOld Norse variant form of Alfvin
OliuerusOld Norse variant spelling of Oliverus
OliverusLatinised form of Alfr
OllauffOld Norse variant form of Ólafr
ǪlmóðrOld Norse name
ÖlnirIcelandic younger form of Ǫlnir
ǪlnirOld Norse younger form of *AluniR
OlofWoman from Magdala Tower Women of Magdala From the High Tower Ancestor's Descendant
ǪlrekrOld Norse variant form of AlríkR
ÖlvaldiIcelandic younger form of Ǫlvaldi
ǪlvaldiOld Norse variant form of Ǫlvaldr
ǪlvaldrOld Norse name
OlverNorwegian younger form of ǪlvéR
ÖlverIcelandic younger form of ǪlvéR
ǪlvéROld Norse younger form of *Aluwīhaz
ÖlvirIcelandic variant form of Ölver
ǪlvirOld Norse variant form of ǪlvéR
ǪlviðrOld Norse name, combination of ÖL and VID
ÓlæifRVariant form of ÁlæifR (see Áleifr)
ÓmundiOld Norse younger form of *Anumundr
ÓmunROld Norse name from the Runic Swedish adjective ómunR = 'not stingy, generous' (a combination with the negative prefix U)
OnPain Force Iniquity
ÓnOld Norse varinat form of Ánn
ÓnarrOld Norse variant form of Ánarr
ǪndóttrOld Norse ǫndóttr = 'fiery, awful'
ǪngliOld Norse variant form of Ǫngull
ǪngullOld Norse name
ÓníðingROld Norse byname
ÓnnOld Norse variant form of Ánn
ǪnnOld Norse variant form of Ánn
OnniHappiness Luck Woman from Magdala Tower Women of Magdala From the High Tower
ǪnniVariant form of Ǫnn
ÖnundrOld Norse variant spelling of Ǫnundr
ǪnundrVariant form of Anundr
ÓnæfRVariant form of HónæfR
ÓnæisiOld Norse name
ÓnæmROld Norse name
OraldrOld Norse variant form of *Ǫrvaldr
OrmarrOld Norse name
OrmgæiRROld Norse name
OrmikaOld Norse (Old Gutnish) variant (diminutive) form of OrmR
OrmkellOld Norse name
OrmrOld Norse name
OrmrOld Norse name

OrmsteinnOld Norse name
OrmulfROld Norse name
ÖrnIcelandic and Swedish younger form of Ǫrn
ǪrnOld Norse ǫrn = 'eagle (bird)' (see also ARN)
ÖrnirOld Norse variant spelling of Ǫrnir
ǪrnirOld Norse variant form of Aurnir
ǪrnólfrOld Norse variant form of ArnulfR
ǪrnulfrOld Norse variant form of Ǫrnólfr
OrrustiOld Norse name
Old Norse baby names
This old norse names list for boys is intended for the parents who wishes the best name for their baby. Get the old norse boy names starting with O featuring all old norse names. Old norse names list has many names that will give a unique identity to your kid. Old norse name with meaning in english are provided that will help you name your child.