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VafriOld Norse byname
VafþrúðnirOld Norse name meaning 'the mightily entangling one'
VagnOld Norse name and byname
VakrOld Norse vakr = 'wakeful, watchful, alert, valiant, brave, fast' (see also VAK)
VakriOld Norse assumed byname

Val-TókiOld Norse name
ValbjörnIcelandic younger form of Valbjǫrn
ValbjǫrnOld Norse name
ValbrandrOld Norse name
ValdarrOld Norse name
ValdemarGod is My Light My Light is Yahweh Rule
ValdiShort form of names containing the name element VALD
ValdisRule Loyal One
ValdríkROld Norse name
ValfǫðrOld Norse byname for Óðinn
ValgarðrOld Norse male form of Valgerðr
ValgautrOld Norse name
VáliOld Norse name of uncertain meaning
ValkiOld Norse pet form of Valgarðr
ValrOld Norse variant spelling of ValR
ValrOld Norse variant spelling of ValR
ValtarOld Norse form of Walthari
ValtareOld Norse form of Walthari
ValtýrOld Norse name
ValþiófrOld Norse variant spelling of Valþjófr
ValþjófrOld Norse name
ValþjúfrOld Norse variant form of Valþjófr
VámóðrOld Norse name
VandillOld Norse name
VandráðrOld Norse younger form of WandarádaR
VápniOld Norse byname
Var-ÁsiOld Norse name
VárfæitrOld Norse byname (?)
VarghǫssOld Norse name
VargrOld Norse byname
VarinnOld Norse assumed name
VarrOld Norse name of uncertain meaning
Varr-ÁsiOld Norse name
VarrfæitrOld Norse byname
VatnarrOld Norse name
VaðiOld Norse vaða = 'to wade'
VébiǫrnOld Norse variant form of Víbiǫrn
VebjörnSwedish variant form of Vibjörn Devoted
VébjörnIcelandic younger form of Vébiǫrn

VébjǫrnOld Norse variant spelling of Vébiǫrn
VébrandrOld Norse name
VédiarfrVariant form of VídiarfR
VéfastrVariant form of Vífastr
VéfreyðrVariant form of Vífreðr
VéfreðrVariant form of Vífreðr
VéfrøðrVariant form of Vífreðr
VéfússVariant form of Vífúss
VégarðrOld Norse male form of Vígærðr
VégeirrOld Norse variant form of VígæiRR
VégestrOld Norse name
VeggrOld Norse veggr = 'wedge'
VegæirOld Norse variant form of VígæiRR
VeigrOld Norse veig = 'drink'
VékellOld Norse variant form of Víkæll
VéleifrOld Norse variant form of VílæifR
VémundrOld Norse variant form of Vímundr
VéniútrOld Norse variant form of Víniútr
VeraldrOld Norse name
VermundrOld Norse name of uncertain meaning
VesetiOld Swedish form of Véseti
VésetiOld Norse name
VestarrOld Norse name
VésteinnOld Norse variant form of Vístæinn
VestgeirrOld Norse name
VestliðiOld Norse name
VestmarrOld Norse name
VestmárrOld Norse variant form of Vestmarr
VestmaðrOld Norse name
VestmundrOld Norse assumed name
VestriOld Norse vestr = 'west'
VetrOld Norse vetr = 'winter' (see also VETUR)
VetrliðiOld Norse vetrliði = 'one-year-old bear (bear that has lived one winter)'
VetrliðrOld Norse variant form of Vetrliði
VetrlíðrOld Norse variant form of Vetrliðr
VeðrOld Norse byname of uncertain meaning
VeðraldiOld Norse name
VéþormrOld Norse name
VéþornOld Norse name
Ví-FinnrOld Norse variant spelling of Vífinnr (Finnr with VI as a byname prefix)
VibiornOld Swedish form of Víbiǫrn
VíbiǫrnOld Norse name
VídiarfROld Norse name
VífastrOld Norse name
VífiOld Norse pet form of combinations of the first name element VI and a last name element beginning with f-

VifillOld Norse variant form of Vífill
VífillOld Norse name of uncertain meaning. Theories include:
VífinnrOld Norse name
VífreðrOld Norse name
VífrøðrVariant form of Vífreðr
VífússOld Norse name
VígarrOld Norse name
VígautrOld Norse name
VígbiǫrnOld Norse name
VígbióðrOld Norse variant spelling of Vígbjóðr
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