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HafþóraFemale form of Hafþórr
HagnyYounger form of Hagný
HagnýOld Norse name
HallaFrom the Heather Covered Hill From the Hedged Valley From the Hill of Heather Sweet and Kind
HallaFrom the Heather Covered Hill From the Hedged Valley From the Hill of Heather Swedish name, meaning: rock. The name is known in Germany by the mare of show jumper Hans Günter Winkler.

HallaberaOld Norse variant form of Hallbera
HallberaOld Norse female form of Hallbiǫrn
HallbiǫrgOld Norse variant spelling of Hallbjǫrg
HallbjörgIcelandic younger form of Hallbjǫrg
HallbjǫrgOld Norse name
HalldisYounger form of Halldís
HalldísOld Norse name
HalldoraNorwegian younger form of Halldóra
HalldóraFemale form of Halldórr (see Hallþórr)
HalleyHoly From the Meadow Near the Hall From the Hall Army Power
HallfríðrOld Norse name
HallgerðrOld Norse name
HallgrímaFemale form of Hallgrímr
HallkatlaFemale form of Hallkell
HallóttaOld Norse name
HallríðrOld Norse variant form of Hallfríðr
HallveigOld Norse name
HallvorYounger form of Hallvǫr
HallvörIcelandic younger form of Hallvǫr
HallvǫrOld Norse name
HarLord Shiva God Like Goddess Laxmi / Durga
HariSun Fit Proper Tawny Green Wind Fire The Moon The One Belonging to God Good Lover Lord Siva Lord Indra God Narayanan Lord Vishnu Lord Krishna A Colour Joy Happiness
HaurlaugOld Norse name
HefringOld Norse hefring = 'the lifting one' = 'the wave'
HeimlaugOld Norse variant spelling of Hæimlaug
HeiðrOld Norse name deriving from the name element HEID
HeiðrunFaroese variant form of Heiðrún
HeiðrúnOld Norse name
HerbjörgIcelandic younger form of Herbjǫrg
HerbjǫrgOld Norse variant form of Herborg
HerborgOld Norse form of Heriburg
HerborgaOld Norse variant form of Herborg
HerdísOld Norse name
HerfjǫturOld Norse name
HerfríðrOld Norse variant spelling of Hærfríðr
HergerðrOld Norse name
HergunnrOld Norse name
HerjaOld Norse herja = 'devastate'

HerríðrOld Norse variant form of Hærfríðr
HervorYounger form of Hervǫr
HervörIcelandic younger form of Hervǫr
HervǫrOld Norse name
HerþrúðrOld Norse variant spelling of Hærþrúðr
HeðindísOld Norse name, combination of HEÐIN and DIS
HeðinfastFemale form of Heðinfastr
HeðingunnrOld Norse name, combination of HEÐIN and GUNN
HeðinvíOld Norse name, combination of HEÐIN and VI
HiálmgerðrOld Norse variant spelling of Hjálmgerðr
HialmlaugOld Norse name
HiálpOld Norse variant spelling of Hjálp
HildeborgNordic form of Hildiburg
HildibjörgIcelandic younger form of Hildibjǫrg
HildibjǫrgOld Norse form of Hildiburg
HildigerðrOld Norse form of Hildegard
HildigunnrOld Norse form of Hildigund
HildiriðrOld Norse variant form of Hildiríðr
HildiríðrOld Norse name
HildriðrOld Norse variant form of Hildríðr
HildríðrOld Norse variant form of Hildiríðr
HiminglævaOld Norse himinglæva = 'the heaven-shining one, the transparent one' = 'wave' (see also HIMIN)
HiðindísOld Norse variant form of Heðindís
HiðinfastFemale form of Hiðinfastr
HiðingunnrVariant form of Heðingunnr
HiðinvíVariant form of Heðinví
HjalmgerðrOld Norse name
HjálmgerðrOld Norse variant form of Hjalmgerðr
HjalmþrimulOld Norse name
HjalmþrimullOld Norse variant spelling (typo?) of Hjalmþrimul
HjálpOld Norse variant form of Hjǫlp
HjǫlpOld Norse hjǫlp = 'help' (see also HELF)
HjordisStrong Fighter Army Ruler Leader of an Army
HjördísIcelandic younger form of Hjǫrdís
HjǫrdísOld Norse name
HjǫrgunnrOld Norse name
HjǫrthrimulVariant spelling of Hjǫrþrimul
HjǫrþrimulOld Norse name
HlaðgerðrOld Norse name
HlaðgunnrOld Norse name
HlaðguðrOld Norse variant form of Hlaðgunnr
HlédísOld Norse name
HlégunnrOld Norse name

HleiðrOld Norse hleiðr = 'ladder' or 'tent' (see also HLEIÐ)
HlífOld Norse hlíf = 'cover, shelter, protection, esp. shield' (see also HLIF)
HlífaOld Norse variant form of Hlíf
HlífhildrOld Norse name
HlíføyOld Norse name
HlífþrasaOld Norse name
HlínOld Norse hlín = 'protection' (see also HLIN)
HlökkIcelandic younger form of Hlǫkk
HlǫkkOld Norse hlǫkk = 'noise, battle'
HöddIcelandic younger form of Hǫdd
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