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KakaliChipping of Birds
KaldaOld Norse byname meaning 'cold, chill'
KalliMost Beautiful Lark Singing Lark Lively
KálmánHungarian name, meaning: one who remains Hungarian form of Koloman (meaning: Dove).
KaniStrength Energy Sound Beautiful Girl

KárhildrOld Norse name
KarleSon of John From John's Farm
KarliRejoicing Joy Man
KarnFarmer Free Man Strong and Masculine Man Form of Charles The Pandavas Half Brother
KarniUnique Arrow A Good Listener My Horn With Ears
KasiPure Shining in the Life Shining Holy City Name of a Blossoming Tree that Symbolized Resurrection Splendid
KassiA Holy Unheeded Prophetess Contemporary Abbreviation of Kassandra Pure
Káta 1Old Norse female form of Káti
KatlaFemale form of Ketill Kettle
KatrinePure Form of Catherine Holy Maybe The Pure
KaðlínOld Norse name, probably of Celtic origin
KetilbjörgIcelandic younger spelling of Ketilbjǫrg
KetilbjǫrgOld Norse name
KetillaugOld Norse variant spelling of Kætillaug
KetilríðrOld Norse variant form of Kætilfríðr
KetilvéOld Norse variant form of Kætilví
KiliRejoiced Short Form of Katherine and Other Names Beginning with K Happy Pure Clear Form of Katherine Virginal Keeper of the Keys Elder Sister Kings Royal Ancient Distant Lord Krishna Parrot
KiǫlvǫrOld Norse variant spelling of Kjǫlvǫr
KjölvörIcelandic modern spelling of Kjǫlvǫr
KjǫlvǫrOld Norse name
KlemensVariant of Clemens (meaning: the gentleness, Merciful).
KlementCzech form of Clemens (meaning: the gentleness, Merciful).
KolbrunYounger form of Kolbrún Coal
KolbrúnOld Norse byname Coal
KolfinnaFemale form of Kolfinnr
KolgaOld Norse kolga = 'the cold one' = 'wave'
KolgrimaYounger form of Kolgríma
KolgrímaFemale form of Kolgrímr
KolkaOld Norse byname
KollaShort form of names containing the name element KOL (see also Kolr)
KolþernaOld Norse name
KormlöðIcelandic younger form of Kormlǫð
KormlǫðOld Norse form of Gormlaith
KristrunYounger form of Kristrún
KristrúnOld Norse name
KyiChristian Anointed Follower of Christ Small Diamond
KyriþOld Norse variant form of Gyríðr
KætilfríðrOld Norse name
KætilgærðrOld Norse name

KætillaugOld Norse name
KætillaugaOld Norse variant form of Kætillaug
KætilvíOld Norse name
KætilælfROld Norse name
KætiløyOld Norse name
Old Norse baby names
This old norse names list for girls is intended for the parents who wishes the best name for their baby. Get the old norse girl names starting with K featuring all old norse names. Old norse names list has many names that will give a unique identity to your kid. Old norse name with meaning in english are provided that will help you name your child.