Famous people named Allah

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List of Famous people whose name is Allah or celebrities named Allah or famous persons named Allah.
Mars Callahan in Poolhall Junkies as Actor
Charles Hallahan in The Thing as Actor
Dave Callaham in The Expendables as Writer
James T. Callahan in Return of the Living Dead III as Actor
Steve Callahan in Make the Yuletide Gay as Actor
John Callahan in General Hospital as Actor
E.J. Callahan in Wild Wild West as Actor
Shane Callahan in The Mothman Prophecies as Actor
Ramsey Faragallah in The Peacemaker as Actor
Kamran Allahverdy in Within the City Limitless as Actor
Cody Callahan in Humans vs Zombies as Actor
Abdallah El Akal in Checkpoint as Actor
Yahya Alabdallah in Al Juma Al Akheira as Writer
Julius Callahan in Ratatouille as Actor
Pepe Callahan in The Long Goodbye as Actor
Dan Callahan in Spider-Man 2 as Actor
Jared Callahan in Janey Makes a Play as Producer
Bill Callahan in Oliver Beene as Producer
Jimmy Callahan in Condemned as Actor
Nedjim Mahtallah in Episode #1.1 as Actor
Dean Obeidallah in The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour as
Christopher Atallah in Rose as Actor
Yousry Nasrallah in El Medina as Writer
Noel Callahan in Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktakular as Actor
Robb Callahan in Gabrielle as Producer
Gene Callahan in The Hustler as Set Decorator
Alice Callahan in Morning Glory as Actress
Catherine A. Callahan in Strong Sexy Singles: Part 2 as Actress
Nicole Foster Callahan in The Playbook as Actress
Norma Atallah in Mamma Mia! as Actress
Eliza Callahan in The Rebound as Actress
Pearl Callahan in American Courtesans as
Rabia Ben Abdallah in La saison des hommes as Actress
Kaya McKenna Callahan in Crowned as Actress
Hawa Fallah in The Exchange as Actress
Crystal Callahan in The Festival as Actress
Alia Attallah in Hemlock as Actress
Alison Gallaher in Rundown as Actress
Attallah Shabazz in White Man's Burden as Actress
Sonia Lila Tahallah in Trois vies et une seule mort as Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Callahan Clark in The Book of Life as Actress
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