Famous people named Jacob

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List of Famous people whose name is Jacob or celebrities named Jacob or famous persons named Jacob.
Jacob Anderson in The Rains of Castamere as Actor
Derek Jacobi in Gladiator as Actor
Jacob Lofland in Mud as Actor
Jacob Pitts in EuroTrip as Actor
Jacob Vargas in Traffic as Actor
Jacob Artist in The Quarterback as Actor
Peter Jacobson in Transformers as Actor
Jacob Bertrand in Rise of the Guardians as Actor
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs in The Jacksons: An American Dream as Actor
Glenn Jacobs in See No Evil as Actor
Jacob Davich in The Aviator as Actor
Jacob Smith in Troy as Actor
Barlow Jacobs in Shotgun Stories as Actor
Jacob Wysocki in Pitch Perfect as Actor
Lenny Jacobson in jOBS as Actor
Jacob Latimore in The Maze Runner as Actor
Jacob Kogan in Star Trek as Actor
Jacob Hopkins in Priest as Actor
Jacob Zachar in Surf's Up as Actor
Gideon Jacobs in Wet Hot American Summer as Actor
Jacob Blair in The Grey as Actor
Gregory Jacobs in Ocean's Twelve as Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Finley Jacobsen in Olympus Has Fallen as Actor
Jacob Young in The Girl Next Door as Actor
Jacob Tremblay in The Smurfs 2 as Actor
Andrew Jacobs in Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones as Actor
Jacob Koskoff in Macbeth as Writer
Tyler Jacob Moore in The Ranch as Actor
Peter Marc Jacobson in The Nanny as Writer
Jacob Reynolds in Gummo as Actor
Danny Jacobs in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted as Actor
Scott Jacoby in One Life to Live as Actor
Tylen Jacob Williams in A Kids' Choice as Actor
Daniel Jacobs in Brave New World: Part 2 as Actor
Jacob Joseph Worton in Baby's Day Out as Actor
Jacob Newton in Longhorns as Actor
Shane Jacobson in Kenny as Actor
Nicholas Jacob in Out in the Dark as Actor
Jacob Hays in Sam Steele and the Crystal Chalice as Actor
Eric Jacobson in The Muppets as Actor
Christian Jacobs in Pretty in Pink as Actor
Jacob Rolfe in Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day as Actor
Jacob Kraemer in Overruled! as Actor
Jacob Tierney in The Trotsky as Actor
Jacob Kemp in Pilot as Actor
Rick Jacobson in Bitch Slap as Director
Jacob Tomuri in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring as Stunts
Jacob Sewell in Gummo as Actor
Jacob Aaron Estes in Mean Creek as Writer
Michael Jacobs in Boy Meets World as Writer
Marc Jacobs in Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton as
Jacob Roloff in Zach's Emergency as
Jacob Rodier in The Amazing Spider-Man as Actor
Andre Jacobs in Invictus as Actor
Jacob Cooney in The Majestic as Miscellaneous Crew
Jacob Johnson in Dear Pen Pal as Actor
Jacob Lowe in Bloodless Howler of Harrison County as Actor
Brett Jacobsen in The Myth of the American Sleepover as Actor
Søren Kragh-Jacobsen in Det som ingen ved as Director
Jacob Patrick in Reissued as Producer
Jacob Ewaniuk in Monster Truck as Actor
Jacob Melton in Table 58 as Actor
Jacob Schick in American Sniper as Actor
Jacob Stuart in Montana as Writer
Jacob Horsley in Monkey in the Middle as Actor
Azazel Jacobs in Terri as Director
Jacob Buster in Storm Rider as Actor
Jacob Bila in Batting Practice as Actor
Jacob Fishel in How I Got Lost as Actor
Jacob Crawford in Insidious: Chapter 3 as Actor
Jacob Neayem in The Lesser Blessed as Actor
Eric Jacobus in Death Grip as Actor
Jacob Rhodes in Star Trek Into Darkness as Actor
Chris Jacobs in Nick of Time as Actor
Adam Jacobs in Random: It's a Small Town Thing as Actor
Lou Jacobi in Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask as Actor
Rusty Jacobs in Once Upon a Time in America as Actor
Luke Jacobz in Episode #1.5061 as Actor
Jacob Evans in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter as Actor
Jacob Parker in A Killing in a Small Town as Actor
Darren Jacobs in Starship: Rising as Actor
Jacob Chase in The Four-Faced Liar as Editor
Shane Jacobsen in Hours as Actor
Jacob Rascon in Episode dated 5 June 2015 as
Jacob Guenther in The Stinky & Dirty Show as Actor
Jacob T. Phillips in Camp Cool Kids as Actor
Jacob Nathaniel in In the Nick of Time as Actor
Steven Peacock Jacoby in Love Goggles as Actor
Jacob Peacock in Arcade Fire: We Exist as Actor
Danny Jacobson in Mad About You as Writer
Jacob Loeb in Lockheed as Actor
Jacob Vaughan in Bad Milo! as Director
Jacob Craycroft in Super Troopers as Editor
David Jacobson in Down in the Valley as Director
Jacob Leinbach in The Smile as Actor
Matthew Jacob Wayne in Wurm as Actor
Jacoby Shaddix in Pay It Forward as Soundtrack
Jacob Grimm in Tangled as Writer
Jacob Matschenz in Die Welle as Actor
Michael Dean Jacobs in Orgazmo as Actor
Jacob Haines in Look Who's Talking as Actor
Jacob Johnson in Lost Memories as Actor
Jacob Timothy Manown in Walk of Shame as Actor
Willem Jacobson in Diary of a Wimpy Kid as Actor
Jacob Payne in Deception Indicated as Actor
Jacob Diamond in Fast & Furious as Actor
Jacob Etter in Freak as Actor
Jacob Underwood in Making the Band as
Danny Jacobs in Growing Up and Other Lies as Actor
Jacob Scipio in Bambino mio as Actor
Mark Jacoby in The Night Listener as Actor
John Jacobs in Ted as Producer
Jacob Falach in Black Crow White Lie as Actor
Matthew Jacobs in The Emperor's New Groove as Writer
Jacob Witkin in Showgirls as Actor
Jacob M Williams in Dhoom: 3 as Actor
Jacob Medjuck in Summerhood as Actor
Jerry P. Jacobs in My Best Friend's Girl as Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Jacob Holt in Rock and a Hard Place as Actor
Jens Jacob Tychsen in Ronal Barbaren as Actor
Jacob Hoggard in Episode #2.42 as
Jon Jacobs in Moonlight Resurrection as Actor
Dale Jacoby in Die Hard 2 as Actor
Jacob Brent in Cats as Actor
Jacob York in Killa Season as Producer
Jacob Forman in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane as Writer
Tomm Jacobsen in Dude Bro Party Massacre III as Director
Ken Jacobs in Star Spangled to Death as Director
Jacob Fortune-Lloyd in Crows as Actor
Jacob Thuesen in Dogville as Editorial Department
Jacob Dumont in Love the Coopers as Actor
Robert Nelson Jacobs in Dinosaur as Writer
Jim Jacobs in Grease as Soundtrack
Jacob Shoesmith-Fox in Wet Hot American Summer as Actor
Jacob Johnston in The Avengers as Miscellaneous Crew
Jacob Taff in Playground Politix as Actor
Rajeev Jacob in Orphans as Actor
Danny Jacob in Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas as Soundtrack
David Jacobs in Dallas as Writer
Jacob Gentry in The Signal as Director
Jake Jacobs in Flashpoint as Camera and Electrical Department
Jacob Ericksson in Män som hatar kvinnor as Actor
Jacob DeMonte-Finn in God Bless America as Actor
Jacob Dacus in Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs as Actor
Jacob Secher Schulsinger in Nymphomaniac: Vol. I as Editor
Jacob Brown in Paper Planes as Actor
Chris Jacobson in Episode #4.41 as
Martin Jacobs in What I Have Written as Actor
Josh Jacobson in Not Another Teen Movie as Actor
Mark Jacobson in American Gangster as Writer
Steve Jacobs in The Well as Actor
Jacob Wasserman in Captain America: The First Avenger as Miscellaneous Crew
Jacob Williams in Quarter Finals 3 as
Arthur P. Jacobs in Planet of the Apes as Producer
Karl Jacob in Pollywogs as Actor
Clayton Jacobson in Kenny as Director
Jacob Sager Weinstein in Dennis Miller: The Millennium Special - 1,000 Years, 100 Laughs, 10 Really Good Ones as Writer
Bill Jacobson in Is One of You Eddie? as Actor
Jacob Ryan in The Chronicles of Nathan Gregory as Actor
Hiram Jacob Segarra in Rock 'n' Roll Frankenstein as Actor
Dean Jacobson in Child's Play 3 as Actor
Jacob Rupp in X2 as Stunts
Jacob Patrick in Men in Black 3 as Visual Effects
Benjamin Jacob in Chef as
Jacob Reardon in For 20 as Actor
Jacob Johnson in Freddy: Auditioning with Freddy as Actor
Jacob Berger in Lily in the Grinder as Actor
Tom Jacobson in Ferris Bueller's Day Off as Producer
David Jacobs in Big Beat '64 as
Frank Jacob in The Grand Budapest Hotel as Actor
Jacob A. Ware in October 31st as Actor
Simcha Jacobovici in The Lost Tomb of Jesus as
Jacob Derwig in Het Diner as Actor
Matthew Jacobs Morgan in You Can't Touch This as Actor
Alan Jacobs in Nina Takes a Lover as Director
Miles Jacoby in College Musical as Actor
Jacob Axelsson in Främmande fågel - Del 1 as Actor
Jacob Groth in Män som hatar kvinnor as Composer
Jacob Payne in Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood as
Johnny Jacobs in The Newlywed Game as
Ken Jacobson in Zack and Reba as Producer
Jacob Morrell in 411 as Actor
Jacob Mosler in Mean Creek as Producer
Jacob Hastad in The Longest Ride as
Jacob Chambers in The Fast and the Furious as Stunts
Jacob Jaffke in The Innkeepers as Producer
Jacob Skirtech in The Sound and the Fury as Actor
Jacob Kornbluth in Haiku Tunnel as Producer
Aaron Daniel Jacob in Mental Intervention as Writer
Jacob Lyman in All Night as Actor
Jacob Kenner in Beethoven as Actor
Will Jacobs in The Other Way as Producer
Jasper Jacob in RocknRolla as Actor
Jacob Smyth in In the Club as Actor
Jacob York in Rooney's World as Actor
Mark Evan Jacobs in Goodfellas as Actor
Richy B. Jacobs in Motel California as Actor
Eric Jacob in Trash Can on the Left as Actor
Jacob Chapman in Episode #1.4 as Actor
Sten Jacobs in Das Sommerhaus as Actor
Jacob Hoppenbrouwer in Uprising as Actor
Jacob Arabo in Def Jam Fight for NY as
Jacob Shea in The Dark Knight as Music Department
Jacob Richter in The Pittsburg Six as Actor
Luan Jacobs in Somer Son as Writer
Brad Jacobowitz in The Pizza Boy as Actor
Olu Jacobs in Pirates as Actor
Andrew Jacobson in Not Another Teen Movie as Writer
Jacobo Morales in Bananas as Actor
Jacob Zuma in Motherland as
Daniel Jacobsen in Proof as Actor
Jacob Bruce in The Rig as Actor
Jacob Allan in Teesh and Trude as Actor
Pablo Mugnier-Jacob in Casse-tête chinois as Actor
Jacob Chon in Tropic Thunder as Actor
Jacob Johnson in I Love Dreamguyz as Actor
Jacob Lee Seeliger in Der Mörder unter uns as Actor
Jacob Bond in Godzilla as Camera and Electrical Department
Joe Jacobs in Episode #1.8 as Actor
Jacob McCafferty in Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter as Actor
Jacob Greener-Tofts in The Woods of Daemar as Actor
Steven Jacobs in Dream a Little Dream as Actor
Jacob Block in Wild as Miscellaneous Crew
Jacob Avnet in Righteous Kill as Producer
Jacob Wheeler in Robot Jox as Actor
Jesse Jacobs in The Purge as Stunts
Jacob Irvine in Maximum Ride Webseries as Actor
Jacob Salas in Ali G Indahouse as Actor
Jacob Eddington in Fatty as Actor
Jacob Rosenberg in Waiting for Lightning as Director
Robin Jacob in You as Director
Jacob Goodall in 2012 as Actor
Manny Jacobs in The Seventh Sign as Actor
Jacob Nordenson in Luftslottet som sprängdes as Actor
Larry Jacobs in Meets Molly Cule as Director
Anthony Jacobs in Parbottle Speaking as Actor
Jacob Browne in The Men Who Stare at Goats as Actor
Ben Jacoby in Loser Edit as Actor
Walter Jacobson in Santa Claus as Actor
Josh Jacobs in The Interview as Actor
Anders Jacobsson in Evil Ed as Cinematographer
Jacob Kabel in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 as Stunts
Jacob Whitesides in Radio Disney Music Awards as
Messiah Jacobs in Hollywoodn't as Producer
Jacob Green in The Believer as Actor
Billy Jacobi in Hart-Shaped Murder as Actor
Rick Jacobs in Spare Parts as Producer
Jacobo Zabludovsky in 24 horas as Actor
Jacob Dufton in Oh Balls... as Actor
Jacob Oakley in Young Hearts as Actor
Gillian Jacobs in The Box as Actress
Abbi Jacobson in Broad City as Writer
Anna Jacoby-Heron in Contagion as Actress
Stephanie Jacobsen in Alex Cross as Actress
Irène Jacob in Trois couleurs: Rouge as Actress
Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine in Men in Black II as Actress
Jill Jacobson in Nurse Sherri as Actress
Laura Jacobs in Daydream Nation as Actress
Ulla Jacobsson in Zulu as Actress
Devery Jacobs in Rhymes for Young Ghouls as Actress
Jennifer Robyn Jacobs in Jailbait as Actress
Nina Jacobson in The Hunger Games as Producer
Arielle Jacobs in Double Identity as Actress
Tameka Jacobs in Episode #1.1 as
Emma Jacobs in Black Swan as Make-Up Department
Rachel Jacobs in Who Will Love My Children? as Actress
Jen Jacob in Begin Again as Actress
Jaye Jacobs in Moondance as Actress
Peggy Jo Jacobs in Rat Race as Actress
Amanda Lee Jacoby in Veronica Mars as Casting Department
Laura Jacoby in Uncle Buck as Actress
Samantha Jacober in First Winter as Actress
Lisa Jacobs in The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank as Actress
Renae Jacobs in Rose Petal Place as Actress
Paula Jacobs in The Remains of the Day as Actress
Jessie Jacobs in Nothing But Net as Actress
Doreen Jacobi in Der Runner as Actress
Katie Jacobs in Broken as Producer
Jackie R. Jacobson in Gone Girl as Sound Department
Catherine Jacob in Tatie Danielle as Actress
Hanne Jacobsen in TV akademiet as
Joy Jacobson in The Longest Ride as Actress
Ellie Jacob in Hysteria as Actress
Jess Jacobs in Butterfly Caught as Actress
Emma Jacobs in Extraordinary Earth as Actress
Josephine Jacob in Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever as Actress
Anne Marit Jacobsen in Som du ser meg as Actress
Lauren Jacobs in Katt Williams as
Susan Jacobs in Silver Linings Playbook as Music Department
Ellen Jacoby in The Truman Show as Casting Department
Emilie Jacobs in Karla as Actress
Chyanne Jacobs in Merc as Actress
Jannicke Systad Jacobsen in Få meg på, for faen as Director
Charmagne Jacobs in Shuffle, Ball Change as Actress
Bethany Jacobs in Star Drunk as Actress
Emma Jacobs in Murder on Line One as Actress
Jane Jacobs in Day of the Tentacle as Actress
Carol Jacobanis in Animation Seisaku Shinko Kuromi-chan: Nippon no Anime wa Watashi ga Tsukuru! 2 as Actress
Nadine Jacobson in What's Your Number? as Actress
Joyce Jacobs in Repairing the Damage: Part 2 as Actress
Rachel Jacobs in Chicago as Actress
Kemi-Bo Jacobs in Hide as Actress
Katerina Jacob in Grete Minde as Actress
Susan Jacoby in The Big Move: Part 2 as Miscellaneous Crew
Shelsea Jacobs in Rick & Darva: The Million Dollar Mistake as
Myrna Jacoby in Thirteen Conversations About One Thing as Thanks
Stephanie Jacob in The Iron Lady as Actress
Cori Jacobsen in Saturday's Warrior as Actress
Mia Jacob in Meet Me in Montenegro as Actress
Charlandra L. Jacobs in The Trip to Bountiful as Actress
Daisy Jacobs in The Bigger Picture as Director
Anna Jacobsson in Obesvarad kärlek as Actress
Sarah e Jacobs in Especially by Fire as Actress
Lisa Jacobs in Hitman as Actress
Laurie Jacobson in Mary Tyler Moore: The 20th Anniversary Show as Producer
Meredith Jacobson in I Am Legend as Casting Department
Claire Jacobs in Bed of Roses as Actress
Joelle Jacobi in Lady in White as Actress
Victoria Jacoby in Standing Ovation as Actress
Dana Jacobson in Episode dated 7 May 2007 as
Lindsey Jacobellis in Vancouver 2010: XXI Olympic Winter Games as
Karin Jacobsen in Simone, der Hummer und die Ölsardine as Actress
Dee Dee Jacobs in Boyz n the Hood as Actress
Holly Jacobson in Kitten in the Cat Trap as Actress
Jacqueline Jacobs in The Ventriloquist's Dummy as Actress
Lynne Jacobellis in Barefoot as Actress
Jacqueline Jacobson Scarfo in 12 Monkeys as Set Decorator
Montana Jacobowitz in My Brother Arizona as Actress
Taylor Jacobson in Fashion Makes the Star Makes the Fashion as
Rinsa Jacob in Premam as Actress
Judith Jacob in Episode #1.285 as Actress
Susan Jacobson in One Hundredth of a Second as Director
Katy Jacoby in Baby Daddy as Actress
Jenny Jacobs in Caroline? as Actress
Michelle Jacobson in What They Say as Actress
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