Famous people named Tol

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List of Famous people whose name is Tol or celebrities named Tol or famous persons named Tol.
Corey Stoll in The Bourne Legacy as Actor
David Giuntoli in Pilot as Actor
Eric Stoltz in Mask as Actor
Joe Pantoliano in Memento as Actor
Lee Toland Krieger in The Age of Adaline as Director
Bernardo Bertolucci in Ultimo tango a Parigi as Writer
Nicholas Stoller in Fun with Dick and Jane as Writer
James Tolkan in Back to the Future as Actor
Fred Stoller in Dumb & Dumber as Actor
Greg Mottola in Superbad as Director
Erik Stolhanske in Super Troopers as Actor
Christian Stolte in Public Enemies as Actor
Vincent Curatola in Killing Them Softly as Actor
Anatol Yusef in Last Orders as Actor
Tyson Apostol in Reunion as
J.R.R. Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring as Writer
John Toll in Braveheart as Cinematographer
Anatole Taubman in Quantum of Solace as Actor
Neil Giuntoli in The Shawshank Redemption as Actor
Sidney Toler in Charlie Chan in the Secret Service as Actor
Michael Tolan in All That Jazz as Actor
Peter Tolan in Analyze This as Writer
Eric Toledano in Intouchables as Director
Tommy Mottola in Ruthless People as Music Department
Michael Tolkin in The Player as Writer
Anatole Litvak in The Snake Pit as Director
Sebastian Bertoli in Everything in Its Right Place as Actor
Josh Stolberg in Piranha 3D as Writer
Leo Tolstoy in Anna Karenina as Writer
Nick Apostolides in Moriah as Actor
Tommy Pistol in Everything That Rises Must Converge as Actor
Terence J. Rotolo in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World as Stunts
Norman Bartold in Close Encounters of the Third Kind as Actor
Ptolemy Slocum in Hitch as Actor
Michael Tollin in Coach Carter as Producer
Gregg Toland in Citizen Kane as Cinematographer
Tolgahan Sayisman in Ask tutulmasi as Actor
Tommy Bechtold in PJ as Actor
Royd Tolkien in Pimp as Producer
Philipp Stölzl in The Physician as Director
Chazz Nittolo in Episode #1.24 as Actor
Tolga Safer in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Actor
Tol Avery in All That Heaven Allows as Actor
Matthew Tolmach in The Amazing Spider-Man as Producer
Brad Stoll in Lost in Yonkers as Actor
Stephen Tolkin in Legend of the Seeker as Writer
Apostolis Totsikas in Nyfes as Actor
Alessandro Bertolazzi in Fury as Make-Up Department
David Stollery in Jack and the Beanstalk as Actor
Billy Tolley in Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks as
Christopher Toler in Top 16 Perform as
David Bortolucci in My Sister's Keeper as Actor
John Toles-Bey in Dude, Where's My Car? as Actor
Ben Tolpin in The Island as Actor
Anatoliy Solonitsyn in Stalker as Actor
Guillermo Toledo in Crimen ferpecto as Actor
Raffaello Degruttola in Saving Private Ryan as Actor
Stephen Apostolina in Frozen as Actor
James Tolcher in Good Vibrations as Actor
Gavin Bristol in Twilight as Actor
Christopher Stollery in Predestination as Actor
Tolga Çevik in Organize Isler as Actor
Riz Ortolani in Inglourious Basterds as Soundtrack
Bertolt Brecht in Hangmen Also Die! as Writer
George Toliopoulos in Forgive You Anything as Actor
Ed Tolputt in Sherlock Holmes as Actor
Emilio Vitolo in The Genesis Project as Actor
Danny Bristol in Sucker Punch as Actor
Fred Tolliver Jr. in Broken City as Actor
Gypsy Lee Pistolero in Spidarlings as Actor
Markku Peltola in Mies vailla menneisyyttä as Actor
Michael DeBartolo in The Blues Brothers as Actor
Jeremy Tollas in A Two-Faced Charade as Actor
Anatoli Davydov in Assassins as Actor
Abner Pastoll in Shooting Shona as Director
Tolga Karel in Kod Adi K.O.Z. as Actor
Bartolomeo Ruspoli in Just Say Know as
Stole Arandjelovic in Zena s krajolikom as Actor
Toliver Crisp in Ironsides as Actor
Jimmie Tolliver in You Must Be Johnny as Actor
Lee Stollman in The Maze Runner as Producer
F.X. Vitolo in Working Girl as Actor
Luis Mottola in Se busca as Actor
James Portolese in Until Death as Producer
Ray Toler in Home Alone as Actor
Daniel Toland in Snatch. as Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Bryan Michael Stoller in Undercover Angel as Writer
Eckhart Tolle in Living Luminaries: On the Serious Business of Happiness as
Ethan Stoller in Jupiter Ascending as Music Department
Michael Toland in The Young and the Restless as Actor
Tolga Saritas in Kaledeki Yalnizlik as Actor
David Tolin in You Can't Kill the Bogeyman as
Tim Tolin in Lawless as Actor
Whiley Toll in Mad Max: Fury Road as Actor
Matt Tolton in Deep End as Actor
The Sex Pistols in The A-Team as Soundtrack
Dickon Tolson in Autumn as Actor
Justin M. Tolliver in Angle of Incidence: Cranaë as Actor
Yoram Toledano in Mabul as Actor
Anatoly M. Sagalevitch in Titanic as Actor
Mario Mattoli in Miseria e nobiltà as Director
Doug Ptolemy in Holidays as Actor
Giuseppe Bertolucci in Segreti segreti as Director
Giampiero Rotoli in Pope John Paul II as Actor
Shawn Tolleson in Saturn Returns as Director
Robert Stoltenberg in Trolljegeren as Actor
Joey Santolini in The Snatch Game as
L.T. Tolliver in The British Invasion as Actor
Jonas Moscartolo in Ernest Scared Stupid as Actor
Michael Spatola in Terminator 2: Judgment Day as Special Effects
Neil Tolkin in Ri¢hie Ri¢h as Writer
Victor Stoltenberg Nielsen in Krummerne: Alt på spil as Actor
Daniel Stolfi in Cancer Can't Dance Like This: One Day at a Time as Actor
James Dastoli in The Social Network as Actor
Tolga Tekin in Zenne Dancer as Actor
Tolga Örnek in Kaybedenler Kulübü as Director
Chakri Toleti in Billa 2 as Director
Peter Apostolopoulos in Angel as Actor
Anatoli Karpov in Red Army as
Anatoly Zinoviev in White House Down as Actor
Anatoly Fradis in Masked and Anonymous as Producer
Tolga Güleç in Eksik sayfalar as Actor
Joe DeBartolo in Candie's Harem as Actor
Stephen C. Apostolof in Lady Godiva Rides as Director
Adrien Bertolle in Curfew as Camera and Electrical Department
Dan Stoloff in Miracle as Cinematographer
Pablo Stoll in Whisky as Director
Angelo Bertolotti in Top Priority: The Terror Within as
Sulevi Peltola in Haaveiden kehä as Actor
Tolga Karaçelik in Gise Memuru as Director
Max Bartoli in Blast Off! as Writer
Stole Popov in Tetoviranje as Director
Marc Bechtold in De Marathon as Editor
Anatoliy Belyy in Metro as Actor
Anatoliy Kot in Bitva za Sevastopol as Actor
Gabe Stolt in Hamill as Actor
David Buttolph in House of Wax as Composer
Apostol Karamitev in Ritzar bez bronya as Actor
Ed Bergtold in 13 as Actor
Doug Bertolini in Drip, Drip as Actor
Anatoliy Papanov in Brilliantovaya ruka as Actor
Julio Toledo in Troy as Casting Department
Marc Bartolomeo in Medieval Kitchen as
Tony Nittoli in Beware of Dog as Actor
Jared Antoline in You Don't Miss Your Water as Actor
Allison Tolman in The Crocodile's Dilemma as Actress
Mink Stole in Lost Highway as Actress
Berlinda Tolbert in Goodfellas as Actress
Mia Zottoli in Sinful Temptations as Actress
Katy Stoll in Two Million Stupid Women as Actress
Goya Toledo in Amores perros as Actress
Kate Stoltz in Return to Amish as
Bristol Palin in Week 3: The Results as
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova in Pokazatelnyy protsess: Istoriya Pussy Riot as
Adrianna Bertola in A Guilty Mind: Part I as Actress
Kathleen Tolan in Death Wish as Actress
Shirley Stoler in The Deer Hunter as Actress
Debra Olson-Tolar in Half Way as Actress
Hannah Motola in Let Go as Actress
Cindy Lentol in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past as Actress
Miriam Tolan in The Heat as Actress
Fabiola Toledo in Dèmoni as Actress
Rhonda Tollefson in Entrapment as Producer
Susan Tolsky in Love at First Bite as Actress
Katie Rotolo in Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre as Actress
Carolin Stoltz in The Inbetweeners Movie as Actress
Allison Bertolino in Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood as Actress
Lena Stolze in Das schreckliche Mädchen as Actress
Kristolyn Lloyd in Episode #1.6216 as Actress
Melanie Tolbert in American Reunion as Miscellaneous Crew
Beth Stolarczyk in The Real World as
Kayli Maree Tolleson in Knowing as Actress
Mariana Tolbert in Meet the Browns as Actress
Gretchen Stoll in The Best Man as Actress
Cindy Tolan in The Place Beyond the Pines as Casting Director
Kim Stolz in Episode #3.21 as
Gina Marie Tolleson in Miss World 1990 as
Alexis Notabartolo in Frat House Musical as Actress
Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde in Ijé: The Journey as Actress
Persephone Apostolou in Swallow as Actress
Judy Toll in Casual Sex? as Writer
Vanessa Toll in Oldboy as Casting Department
Johanna Tolentino in Lean on Me as Actress
Camera Chatham Bartolotta in Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies as Actress
Anamaria Vartolomei in My Little Princess as Actress
Grisel Toledo in Dave as Actress
Marilù Tolo in Matrimonio all'italiana as Actress
Claire Stollery in After the Break as Actress
Anona Tolar in Ride Along as Actor
Lorna Tolentino in Magnifico as Actress
Amy Tolsky in Junior as Actress
Valentina Mattolini in When in Rome as Actress
Pamela Tola in Napapiirin sankarit as Actress
Pamela Toll in Another World as Actress
Lavinia Postolache in False Colors as Actress
Vivien Tolli in Il confessionale as Actress
Reena Tolentino in Blood of Redemption as Actress
Nicole Kontolefa in Take Out as Actress
Ursula Stolf in Taunted, Haunted and Most Wanted as
Joanne Toll in Thin as Producer
Samantha Tolj in Scumbus as Actress
Eva Santolaria in Héroes as Actress
Christine Bortolin in Mother's Little Helper as Actress
Julie Tolivar in Brown Shag Carpet as Actress
Cailin Stollar in Orphans as Actress
Flavia DiBartolo in In Our Silhouette as Actress
Donnalyn Bartolome in Talk Back and You're Dead as Actress
Anna Tolputt in Run Fatboy Run as Actress
Tolly in Cum Dumpsters 2 as Actress
Aimee Stolte in Hannasmelle as Actress
Iris Bristol in Mr. Flotsam as Actress
Michelle Pantoliano in Naked News as Actress
Morgan Toll in Eternally Mad as Actress
Sefika Tolun in Av Mevsimi as Actress
Diane Stolojan in À bout portant as Actress
Ottola Nesmith in Inside Daisy Clover as Actress
Asia Nitollano in Welcome to the Dollhouse as
Noelle Toland in Perdido as Actress
Skye Lucia Degruttola in Not Sophie's Choice as Actress
Zinaida Chistol in Mandira Filozofu Istanbul as Actress
Georgina Tolentino in Aliens vs. Avatars as Actress
Cecilia Bartoli in Cecilia & Bryn at Glyndebourne as
Liz Stoll in The Turn of the Screw as Casting Director
Lynn Toler in Carrie Preston/Judge Lynn Toler/Foreigner as
Melinda Stolp in Fresh Meat Launch Special as
Daniela Tolkien in Fack ju Göhte as Casting Director
Zoe Stollery in Dread as Actress
Toliver Pollock in The First Apple as Actress
Wlehyenneh Toles in First Down as Actress
Leah Stoltz in Page's Great and Grand Escape as Actress
Regine Tolentino in Eat Play Love as Actress
Kathryn Stolarchuk in One Plus One as Actress
Lyubov Tolkalina in Ya lyublyu tebya as Actress
Samantha Tolkacz in Funny Faces as Actress
Rachel Toles in Scalpers as Actress
Thea Tolentino in Pyra: Ang babaeng apoy as Actress
Anatoli Tsampa in Pas De Deux as Actress
Lisa Stoll in If as Cinematographer
Sarah Natoli in The Really Longest Day as Actress
Stacy Heather Tolkin in What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown? as Actress
Julia Tortolano in The Washingtonians as Actress
Joyce Tolbert in Be Cool as Actress
Barbara Stoll in Anything But Love as Producer
Amy Toliver in Paradise Hotel as
Jackie Toles in Car Wash as Actress
Sofia Bertolotto in Diarios de motocicleta as Actress
Erica Montolfo-Bura in Baby on Board as Producer
Valentina Tolkunova in Mama as Actress
Eleni Apostolopoulou in Reserve Takis as Actress
Lenka Stolar in Daredevils! as Actress
Georgia Apostolou in Pes to psemata as Actress
Sindhu Tolani in Manmadhan as Actress
Kit 'Pistol' Scarbo in Talking Dead as Costume and Wardrobe Department
Sophie Tolstoy in Hämndens pris as Actress
Fátima Toledo in Cidade de Deus as Miscellaneous Crew
Anella Vastola in The Vatican Exorcisms as Actress
Klári Tolnay in Pacsirta as Actress
Jenifer Bartoli in La chanson de l'année 2012 as
Nadezhda Tolubeeva in Peremirie as Actress
Jia Tolentino in 30 Beats as Actress
Shabnam Toloui in Zanan-e bedun-e mardan as Actress
Julia Palmer-Stoll in Die Hochzeitskuh as Actress
Caitilin Stoller in Episode #1.1 as
Elizabeth Nottoli in Vacanze di Natale '95 as Actress
Chris'tol Sims in Angel Wishes: Journey of a Spiritual Healer as Actress
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