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Polish Names for Boy        Polish Names for Girl
AdaGirl Style Special Things
AdalbertBoy Intelligent Noble Highborn Brilliant Bright Famous
AdamBoy Man
AdelaGirl Noble

AdrianBoy Dark One Rich
AdrianaGirl Dark and Rich Woman from Hadria
AdriannaGirl Refined Gentle
AgataGirl My Father is Light Father in Rejoicing
AgnieszkaGirl Son of the Red Earth In the Bible God Created Adam-the First Man-out of the Red Earth and Breathed Life into Him
AlbertBoy Noble
AlbertaGirl Noble and Bright Form of Albert Noble Bright Majestic Wolf Noble Famous
AlbinBoy Mountain From Alba
AlbinaGirl Noble Female Version of Albert from the Old German Bright Noble Famous
AleksanderBoy From the Old House Old
AleksandraGirl Adornment Jewel
AleksyBoy Feminine of Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind
AlfonsBoy Father
AlfredBoy Elf
AlfredaGirl Elf Counsel Elf Strength
AlicjaGirl Spanish Form of Alphonse Eager for War
Alina Girl
AmeliaGirl Industrious Work Labour Work Fertile Effort Strain Work of the Lord
AnastazjaGirl Wealthy Guardian Full of Grace and Lily
AnatolBoy Noble Friend Intelligent From Alba A City on a White Hill
AndrzejBoy Will Helmet Resolute Protector Will Son of William
AngelikaGirl Angelic Messenger from God
AngelinaGirl Gold-brown Semiprecious Stone Amber
AniaGirl Voyage Grace
AnielaGirl Combination of Anna and Belle Beautiful Graceful Easy to Love
AnielkaGirl My Father is Light Father in Rejoicing
Anita Girl
AnkaGirl Apricot from Nara Grain
AnnaGirl Angel Elder Brother
AntoniBoy Favour Mercy
AntoniaGirl Comely Helmet of God Feminine of Anselm Godly Helmet
AntoninaGirl Inestimable Female Version of Antonio Beyond Praise
ApoloniaGirl Noble Friend Elf Brilliance Brightness Height Exalted Battle
AriadnaGirl Combination of Anna and Belle Beautiful Graceful Easy to Love
ArkadiuszBoy Inestimable Highly Praiseworthy Beyond Praise Invaluable
AronBoy On High A Prophet

ArturBoy Aristocratic Lady Basket for Clothes
Asia Girl
AugustBoy Summer One of the Months in the Twele Months
AugustaGirl Venerated Worthy of Respect
AugustynBoy Venerated Worthy of Respect
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