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AadiFirst Most Important
AadidevThe First God
AadidevaHighest God The First God for Prayer The Lord Ganesha
AadinathGod Supreme Ruler of the Universe The First God
AadinathaThe Primordial Master
AadrutaRespected Person
AagarMusic Interest
AagarnaMusic Aptitude
AagneySon of the Fire God
AagneyaSon of Agni Son of the Fire
AakavForm Shape
AakhyaFame Glory
AakilIntelligent Smart
AaminDivine Grace Grace of God God have it so
AananAppearance Face Countenance
AanandJoy Intelligent Happiness Delightful Blissful Happiness to Come
AandaleebThe Bulbul Bird
AarogyaHealth Healthy Girl
AasitBlack Stone
AathervFirst Veda
AatmaSoul Light of the Lord
AatmadevaGod of the Soul
AatmikSpirit Soul
AayumanLongevity of Mind Ever-young Mind Persian Ability to See in the Dark
AayushmaanWith Long Life
AayushmanLong Life
AbalenduNot the Nascent Moon The Full Moon
AbdhisayanaSleeping on the Ocean
AbhaidevFree of Fear The Protecting God The God of Protector
AbhasvaraShining One
AbhataShining Blazing
AbhavasimhaFearless Lion
AbhayBrave Fearless
AbhayanWithout Fear Fearless
AbhayankaraOne who Provides Safety
AbhayasinhaFearless Lion
AbhaydattaFearless Son
AbhibhuTo Overcome Conquer
AbhichandraHaving a Moon Like Face
AbhidyuHeavenly Bright
AbhigitaPraised in Song
AbhihitaExpression Word Name
AbhijanaOf Noble Descent Ornament of the Family
AbhijanyaBorn Fearless
AbhijeetVictorious Lord Krishna
AbhijiTo Conquer Completely
AbhijnanaRecollection Remembrance
AbhijunExpert Skilled
AbhijvalaBlazing Forth
AbhikamaAffection Desire
AbhilasinOne who Desires
AbhimaOne who Destroys Fear Lord Vishnu
AbhimanyuGod Arjuna's Son
AbhimanyusutaSon of Abhimanyu
AbhinabhasFamous Renowned
AbhinavanYoung New Novel Innovative
AbhipadaOne who Steps Fearlessly
AbhipuspaCovered with Flowers
AbhirajaFearless Ruler
AbhiraksaOne who Protects
AbhiramaLovely Delightful
AbhiramanaOne who Delights
AbhiruNot a Coward Strong Powerful
AbhirucaTo be Bright To Please
AbhisaraTo Spread Brightness
AbhisekaInstalled as King
AbhishekBlessing Shower of Milk or Water over an Idol An Auspicious Bath for a Deity Anointing Special Shower of Milk and Water over an Idol
AbhisiktaAnointed Enthroned
AbhisokaPassionate Loving
AbhisuRay of Light
AbhisumatRadiant Another Name of Sun
AbhisyantaSplendid A Son of Kuru and Vahini
AbhitaEverywhere Fearless Brave Courageous
AbhivadaReverential Salutation Salutation of Respect
AbhiviraSurrounded by Heroes A Commander
AbhraCloud Bearing Water Clouds Sky
AbhrakasinWith Clouds for Shelter An Ascetic
AbhranagaCelestial Elephant
AbhrantaUnperplexed Clear Composed
AbhrarohaBorne by the Clouds
AbhrotthaClouds Born Indra's Thunderbolt
AbhuUnborn Nonexistent
AbhyagniTowards the Fire A Son of Aitasa
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