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AbhyudayaRising Sunrise Elevation Increase Prosperity
AbhyuditaElevated Prospered Raised
AbirPerfume Colour Thinker Traveller Strong Red Powder The Red Colour Used in Holi Festival
AbjayoniBorn of the Lotus Another Name for Brahma
AbjitConquering Water
AbraFire Cloud Lesson A Kind of Boat Example Father of a Multitude
AcalanCanoe Without Moving Immovable
AcalapatiLord of the Immovable Lord of Mountain
AcalendraLord of the Immovable The Himalayas
AcalesvaraGod of the Immoveable
AcandaNot of the Hot Temper Without Anger Gentle
AcaryaTeacher Another Name for Drona
AcaryanandanaSon of the Teacher
AcaryasutaSon of the Teacher
AcaryatanayaSon of the Teacher Son of Teacher Another Name for Asvatthaman
AcchindraFlawless Uninterrupted Perfect
AchalapatiLord of the Immovable Lord of Mountain
AchalendraLord of the Immovable The Himalayas
AchalesvaraGod of the Immovable Another Name for Shiva
AchandaNot of the Hot Temper Without Anger Gentle
AcharyanandanaSon of the Teacher Another Name for Aswatthama
AcharyasutaSon of the Teacher Another Name for Aswatthama
AchindraFlawless Uninterrupted Perfect Without Faults
AchlendraKing of the Mountains
AchyutImperishable A Name of Vishnu Lord Krishna
AchyutamImperishable A Name of Vishnu Similar to Achyut
AchyutanandImperishable Joy The Almighty
AcintyaSurpassing Thought Incogitable
AcyutaUnending Never Lapsing Eternal
AcyutarayaWorshipper of the Infallible
AcyutayuWith an Impershiable Life
AdambaraA Great Noise The Roaring of an Elephant
AdambhaWithout Deceit Unpretentious
AdamyaFormidable Brave United
AdarsaMirror Image The Ideal
AdelikaApproaching the Target Full of Concentration
AdesaCommand Order
AdesvaraLord of Command
AdharmaBreach of Duty Irreligion
AdheeshaRuler Emperor King
AdhibuSuperior Among the Beings A King
AdhidevaSupreme God
AdhigunaHigh Virtue
AdhikshitaKing Ruler
AdhiksitaLord Ruler
AdhinathaSupreme Lord
AdhirajaSupreme Leader An Emperor
AdhirukmaThe Sanskrit name is composed of rukma which means bright/radiant or gold with prefix adhi- , together which means "Wearing or having ornament made up of gold etc."
AdhisaLord Master
AdhishLord Master
AdhisvaraSupreme Lord An Emperor
AdhrguKnower of the Inconsistent
AdhritThe One who don't Need Any Support but Supports Everyone Another Name of Lord Vishnu
AdhrsyaUnassailable Invincible Proud
AdhrtaUnrestrained Uncontrolled Lord Vishnu
AdhvaraNot Causing an Injury A Sacrifice
AdhvaryuBest Among Priests Who Performs Yagna
AdhyatmanThe Superior or Supreme Self
AdidaityaThe First Demon
AdidevaThe Primeval God
AdikaraThe First Creator Lord Brahma
AdikurmaThe Original Tortoise
AdimaBeginning Root
AdimulaThe Primal Root
AdimurtiThe Primal Idol
AdinarayanaLord Vishnu The First Protector of Beings
AdinathaThe Primordial Master
AdipaKindled Illuminating
AdirajaThe First King
AdirathaThe First Chariot
AdisaClear Spoken Person Ordered
AdisesanThe Primal Residue
AdisisiraThe Primal Head of Religious Sacrifice
AdisvaraThe Original God
AditFrom the Beginning
AdityanandanSon of the Sun
AdityavardhanaIncreases Glory Augmented by the Sun
AdityesaLord of the Adityas
AdivakiThe First Seer Lord Brahma
AdriMountain Hard as Rock Seven
AdriguOne who Goes to the Mountains
AdrindraLord of the Mountains The Himalaya
AdripatiLord of the Mountain
AdrirajaKing of the Mountain
AdrupaConsuming the Earth A Son of Bali
AduraNot Far Omnipresent Soul
AdusitaUnspotted Irreprochable
AdvayaOne United
AdwaithOne who Know Spiritual Knowledge
AdyotaSurrounded by Light Brilliant
AgadhiDeep Indescribable
AgamaProof of the Trustworthiness of a Source of Knowledge
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