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BaalaadityaRisen Sun
BaalagopaalBaby Krishna
BaasuRich Wealthy
BabhruFierce Brown Reddish Brown Cow
BabilaA House Swift
BabulA Tree Gate of God Father Lord Shiva
BachilOne who Speaks Much
BadalCloud Rain
BadaraJujube Tree
BadarayanaBelongs to the Jujube Tree
BahuA Lot Arm The Shadow of the Sundial Daughter-in-law
BahubalaWith Great Strength
BahudamaSuppressor of Many Strong Powerful A Star
BahugavaOwning Many Cattle
BahuketuMany Peaked A Mountain
BahuksanaEnduring Much
BahuliManifold Multiplied One who has Many Facets
BahumanyaHonoured by Many
BahupatuVery Clever
BahuraiWith Great Riches
BahurjaFull of Energy Strong Powerful
BahusrutaExtremely Learned Much Heard
BahuvataStrong Armed
BahuvidaScholarly Wise Enlightened
BakajitaConqueror of Baka Another Name for Bhima
BakaripuEnemy of Baka
BakavataWith a Quality of Herons Very Attentive Watchful
BakulesaLord of Blossom
BakurThunderbolt Horn Glorifies First Rain of Spring
BakuraThunderbolt Horn Glorifies
BalaadityaYoung Man
BalabhrtCarrying a Lot of Strength Mighty Strong
BalachandraCrescent Moon
BaladevaYoung God
BaladeyaGiver of Strength
BaladhiDeep Insight
BaladhikaUnequalled in Strength
BaladhityaRisen Sun
BaladhyaFull of Strength
BaladityaRisen Sun Young Sun
BalagopalBaby Krishna
BalagopalaYoung Cow-herd
BalagovindYoung Cow-herd Infant Krishna Baby Krishna
BalagovindaYoung Cow-herd
BalagraBest Among the Powerful
BalahakaCloud Thundercloud
BalakaraPambili Karan Warrior
BalakrishnaYoung Krishna
BalakritObtained by Power
BalaksaStrong Eyed
BalakshaInnocent Blameless
BalamadaProud of One S Power
BalamohanOne who is Attractive
BalamohanaAttractive One
BalanathLord of Strength
BalanathaKing of Strength
BalanikaWith a Powerful Army
BalanujaThe Young Brother of Balrama
BalapatiCommander of an Army
BalarStrength Power
BalarajaKing of the Risen Sun
BalaramThe Brother of Lord Krishna
BalaramaThe Strong Rama Abode of Strength
BalaraviThe Morning Sun
BalarkThe Rising Sun
BalarkaRising Sun
BalarunaEarly Dawn
BalasenaA Strong Leader
BalasthaAbode of Strength
BalavalaVery Powerful
BalavanaStrong Powerful
BalavataPowerful Intense
BalaviraBrave and Powerful
BalavrataWorshipping the Rising Sun
BalayaniOne Liked by Pupil
BalayogiYoung Ascetic
BalayusLiving on his Own Strength
BalendraLord Krishna
BalenduAssenting Moon
BalesaMaster of an Army
BaleshMaster of an Army
BalgopalBaby Krishna
BalhikaPowerful Energetic
BalinPowerful Strong Mighty Healthy Energetic
BalisthaVery Powerful Mighty
BalivakaPraying at the Oblation An Orator
BalulaPowerful Strong
BalwantStrong Powerful Mighty Immense Strength
BalyaPowerful Strong Child-like The Crescent Moon
BanajitaOne who Conquers with Arrows Another Name for Vishnu
BanavariDweller of the Forest Lord Krishna
BandhuFriend Relation
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