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DadhicaSprinkling Milk or Curd
DadhikraBorn from the Ocean of Milk Fast Moving A Divine Horse who Personifies the Morning Sun
DadhyanSeller of Milk One who Brings the Milk A Hermit who was Taught by Indra the Art of Preparing Rice for Offering to the Gods
DahaBlazing Very Bright
DahanaA Rudra
DaityaA Non Aryan
DaityahanKiller of Demons Another Name for Shiva
DaityariEnemy of Daityas Lord Krishna
DaivagjnaOne who has Knowledge of Gods Fortune-teller Astrologer One who has Divine Knowledge (God)
DaivatStrength Power Luck
DaivikReligious Godly Divine
DaiwikBy the Grace of God
DakornathName of Krushna
DaksaCompetent Talented Perfect
DaksanilaA Perfect Breeze A Cold Southern Breeze
DaksapatiLord of the Faculties
DaksariEnemy of the Perfect Lord Shiva
DaksayanaComing from Daksa
DaksesaRuler of Daksa
DakshExpert Talented Fit Fire Gold Son of Lord Brahma Precious Son Son of a Perfect Being Capable Smart
DaksiSon of Daksa
DaksinaRight The Sense of Direction Clever Fit Able South Direction Goddess Durga
DalajitaConquering a Group
DalapatiGroup Leader
DalbhyaBelonging to Wheels
DalmiTearing Indra's Thunderbolt
DamaghosaWith a Restrained Voice
DamanaSubduing Taming Over Powering Self Controlled
DamanakaSubduer Brave Powerful
DamatiOne who Subdues a Conquerer
DamayitriTamer or Subduer Lord Visnu and Siva
DambaraSelf Restrained
DambhaOf Pride
DaminSelf Controlled
DamodarLord Ganapati
DamodaraTied with a Rope Around the Belly Krishna
DamosBound Wealthy Fortunate
DamosnisaDesirous of Wealth
DamunasSubduer Head of the Family
DanapatiLord of Generosity
DanasuraHer Among the Donors
DanaviraHero Among the Donors
DandaStick Punishment A Staff Also Monetary Punishment for Wrong Doing
DandakA Forest Jungle
DandakaA Small Staff A Pole A Handle
DandapaaniAn Epithet for Yama
DandapaniStaff Handed Holding a Staff in his Hand
DandasenaWith an Army of Staffs
DandasriBest Among the Staffs Best Judge
DandinCarrier of a Staff
DanstrinBearer of Teeth Lord Shiva
DantaCalm A Name for Lord Hanuman
DantinA Spritual Personality
DanujaSon of Danu
DanveerArbiter Generous
DarbhaA Sweet-smelling Dried Grass
DarbhiWitj Sacrifical Grass An Ascetic
DarduraBig Terrible With Caves
DariSplitting Opening Moving Slowly
DarpaPride Arrogance
DarpahanDestroyer of Ego
DarpaharaLord Shiva Eliminator of Ego
DarsaniyaWorth Seeing
DarsataMaking Things Visible
DarshanSight View To Perceive Vision Philosophy Paying Respect
DaruLiberal Wine
DarukaDeodar Tree
DarunAs Hard as Wood
DarunaHard as Wood
DarvandaThe Hood of a Snake
DarviWooden Ladle The Hood of a Snake
DasabahuTen Armed
DasadyuEquivalent to Ten Heavens Very Powerful
DasajyotiTen Flamed
DasaketuWith Ten Banners
DasarathaOwns Ten Chariots
DasarathiSon of Dasaratha
DasarhaDestroyer of Ten Taking Awy Ten Sins
DasarnaTen Lakes
DasavajinWith Ten Horses Moon
DasayajitConqueror of Ravana Rama
DasharathThe Father of Lord Rama
DashrathaOwns Ten Chariots
DasmataDesirable Acceptable
DasraAccomplishing Wonderful Deeds
DasuWorshipping Sacrificing
DasuraHoly Pious
DasuriDevout Pious
DattaGiven Granted Presented Gardien
DattatreyaGift of Atri
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