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GadabhrtOne who Wields a Mace
GadadharaWielder of the Mace
GadinLord Krishna
GaganavihariWandering in Heaven
GahanLord Vishnu
GajaElephant Strong
GajaadharOne who can Command an Elephant Elephant Tamer
GajabahuWho has Strength of an Elephant
GajadantaWith the Tusk of an Elephant
GajadharOne who can Command an Elephant Elephant Tamer
GajakarnaElephant Eared Lord Shiva
GajananaFaced Like an Elephant
GajapatiMaster of Elephant Lord Ganesha
GajarajaKing of the Elephants
GajariEnemy of Elephant Lord Shiva
GajasyaIn the Image of an Elephant Lord Ganesa
GajbaahuWho has Strength of an Elephant
GajendraThe King of Elephants Precious Elephant King
GajnanRoot of a Lotus
GajodaraElephant Bellied
GalavaTo Worship
GambheerDeep Serious
GambhiraConsiderate Thoughtful
GanakAn Astrologer
GanakaOne who Calculates
GanapatiLord Ganesh
GandharajKing of Fragrance
GandharinFragrant Lord Shiva
GandharvCelestial Musician Master in Music
GandharvaCelestial Musician
GandhesaKing of Fragrance
GandivaConquers the Earth
GanendraLord of a Troop
GaneshLord Ganesh Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati
GangadharaHolding the Ganges River
GangajaSon of Ganga
GangalaFrom the Ganga
GangesaKing of the Ganges River
GangeshLord Shiva
GangeyaOf the Ganga
GaninOne has Attendants
GarbhaEmbryo Pregnancy Womb
GarbhakaA Chaplet of Flowers Worn in Hair
GargyaOf the Family of Garga
GarhapatiOne who Protect the House
GaristhaHeaviest Greatest
GarudThe King of Bird Falcon A Large Mythical Bird King of Birds
GarulaCarrier of the Great
GarutmatWinged One who Protect Against Poison
GarvaArrogance Haughtiness Vanity
GathinStory Teller A Singer
GatiSpeed Fast Progressive
GatikFast Progressive
GatitalinWith a Musical Gait
GatraBody Corporeal
GatravatWith a Handsome Body
GatuSong The Indian Cuckoo
GaunardaCelebrated Bringer of Light That which is Illuminating
GauraangA Fair One Husband of Gauri / Parvati Lord Shiva
GaurangFair Complexioned Avtar of Lord Krishna Part of Lord Shiva One of the Names of Ganesh A Fair One Husband of Gauri (Parvati) Lord Shiva
GaurangaFair Complexioned Golden Limbed Having a White or Yellowish Body Cow Coloured
GauravHonour Pride Respect Prestige
GauravaPride Respect
GauresaLord of Gauri
GaurijaSon of Parvati
GaurisaLord of Gauri
GaurishankarPeak of the Himalayas
GausraDay Break
GautamaThe Name of the Buddha
GavalaWild Buffalo Buffalo Horn
GavendraLord of Oxen Bull
GavisthaAbode of Light
GayakaOne who Sing
GayandTusker An Elephant
GeyarajanKing of Songs
GhanaDark War Chief Wealth Profit Warrior King Ghana Cloud
GhanaanandHappy Like Cloud
GhanambuCloud Water Rain
GhanaramDependant on Clouds A Garden
GhanashyamLord Krishna
GhanasyamaDark as a Cloud
GhansaraFragrant Auspicious
GhanshyamLord Krishna
GhantinOne who Sounds Like a Bell Lord Shiva
GhatajaBorn from a Pitcher
GhatinWith a Waterjar Lord Shiva
GhrtaClarified Butter
GhrtapasOne who Drinks Ghee
GiridharOne who Holds Mountain Lord Krishna
GiridharaHolds the Mountain
GiridhariAnother Name of Lord Krishna The Lifter of Govardhan Hill
GirijapatiConsort of Girija Lord Shiva
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