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HaaniHappy Delighted Content
HahaExclamation of Surprise Water Sky Blood Meditation
HaidarLion Derived from Hadara To Dwell Strong Stout Ferocious Lion
HakesaKing of Sound
HalabhrtCarrying a Plough Another Name for Krisna's Brother Balarama
HalayudhaWeaponed with a Plough
HalimakaPoison Spewing
HamirA Raga
HansajaSon of Swan
HansarajaLord of Swans
HansinThe Universal Soul Mad about Love and Friends
HanspalaLord of the Swan
HanumanThe God of Ramayana
HanumantThe Monkey God of Ramayana
HanumesaLord of Hanuman
HaradevaRules over Shiva
HaradikaKing and Soul of Love
HaraharaSiva's Necklace
HarakaHe will be Good to All Lard Vishnu Name One who Takes Away
HararupaWith the Form of Siva
HarasunuSon of Siva
HaravaPainful to Siva
HaraviraA Warrior of God
HarbansRelated to the Family of Hari Family of God
HarenuA Creeper which Serves as a Village Boundary
HariaksaLord Shiva
HarialGreen Coloured The Common Green Pigeon
HariankaIn the Lap of Visnu
HariasvaHorse of Visnu
HaribhaktaDedicated to Vishnu
HaricapaIndra's Bow The Rainbow
HaridasaServant of Vishnu
HaridraYellow Turneric One who is Golden Coloured
HaridruFree of the Gods
HariharaVishnu and Shiva Joined Together
HarihayaWith Golden Horses The Horse of Visnu
HarikantBeloved by Indra
HarikesaWith Yellow Hair Lord Vishnu Siva
HariKrishLord Name
HarilalaVishnu's Son
HarimaniGem of Vishnu Sapphire
HarimatWith Bay Horses
HarinaksaWith Eyes Like a Doe
HarinakshaLord Shiva
HarinarayanLord Vishnu
HariomLord Vishnu
HaripalaDefender of Vishnu Lion
HariprasadBlessed by Lord Krishna
HariprasadaVishnu's Blessing
HarirajaLeader of the Lions
HariramaVishnu and Rama Joined Together
HarisankaraVishnu and Shiva Joined Together
HarisaraWith Vishnu for an Arrow Lord Shiva
HariscandraMerciful as the Light of the Moon
HarishLord Siva / Vishnu / Krishna
HarisutaSon of Visnu
HaritGreen Lion
HaritakaYellow Green
HarivamshaRelated to Vishnu
HarivanaIndra of the Bay Horses
HarivansaRelated to Vishnu
HarivanshBelonging to the Family of Hari
HarivatsaLoved by Vishnu
HarmutBearing the Unbreakable The Tortoise that Upholds the Earth
HarositVery Happy
HarsamanaFull of Joy
HarsanaCausing Delight
HarsavardhanaCreator of Happiness Increases Joy
HarsenduThe Moon of Joy
HarshadHappiness One who Gives Pleasure
HarshitHappy Joyous Laugh Fun
HarshulDear Cheerful Deer
HarshulaDisposed to be Cheerful
HarsiHappy Joyful
HarsodaCreating Joy
HarsulaProper to be Happy
HaryaksaYellow Eyed Lion
HaryangaGolden Bodied
HaryasvaWith Bay Horses
HasantiSmiling Face One that Delights
HatakesaLord of Gold Lord Shiva
HatisaWith No Desire
HatitosaNot Afraid of Troubles
HavaldarTo whom Responsibility is Given
HavishFire Lord Shiva
HayiHello Alive Living Existence Wish Desire
HemabalaPower of Gold The Pearl
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