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IbhananElephant Faced
IbhyaPossessor of Many Attendants
IcchakaGranting Desires
IdaaThe Channel on the Left of the Spine
IdaspatiGod of Rain Vishnu
IdhmaSacrificial Fuel
IksuSweet Sugar
IksudaThat which Gives Sweetness Sweet Tongued
IkvalaProsperity Good Fortune
IladharaUpholder of the Earth
IlankoSurface of the Earth
IlaspadaFoot of the Earth
IlaspatiLord of the Earth
IlavartaSurrounding the Earth
IliA Small Sword A Knife Birth Mark Blemish
IlinaPossessing High Intelligence
IlisaKing of the Earth Queen of the Earth
IllibisaOne who Throws Knives at the Enemy
IllilaPossessing High Intelligence
IlusaCovering the Earth
IlyaThe Lord is My God Abbreviation of Elijah My God is Jehovah A Mythical Tree of Paradise God is Gracious
InakantaBeloved of Sun
InanSun Lord Master King
InderThe God of Weather and War Lord of the Devas
InderjitConqueror of Indra
InderpalProtector of Indra
IndesvaraLord of the Moon
IndivarBlue Lotus
IndivaraBlessing Blue Lotus
IndrabhaWith the Shine of Indra
IndradattaGift of Indra
IndraduDesired by Indra
IndragniIndra and Agni Conjoined
IndrajalNet of Indra Magic
IndrajalaNet of Indra Magic
IndrajeetLord Indra Conqueror
IndrajitConquerer of Indra
IndrakilaBanner of Indra
IndranilaBlue as Indra Sapphire
IndrasutaSon of Indra
IndratanAs Strong as Indra
IndrayudhWeapon of Indra Rainbow
IndrayudhaWeapon of Indra Rainbow
IndrayumnaOne who can Stop Indra
IndriyaSenses Organ of Sense or Action
IndubhusanaHaving the Moon as an Ornament
IndubhushanHaving the Moon as an Ornament God Shiva
IndukanthHandsome Like Moon
IndumatRespected by Moon
IndushekharCrested Moon
InesaA Strong King Lord Visnu
IneshKing of Kings
IneshaStrong King
InkitTo Keep in Mind To Point at Something
IravataPossessing Water or Milk Ocean Cloud King
IrawatThe Celestial White Elephant of Indra
IreshaLord of the Earth
IrithOf Wind Scent
IrmaOf the Nature of Wind Moves Constantly Universal Constant Movement Wind Whole Warrior Entire
IsanBestower of Riches
IsanaRuler Guardian of the North East
IsanamLight Splendour
IsayuFresh Strong Powerful
IshaanLord Shiva The Sun One who Bestows Wealth
IshanLord Shiva Sun
IshvaraLike God
IshwaSpiritual Teacher
IshwarPowerful The Supreme God
IshwaraThe Lord Ruler
IsirPowerful Active Strong
IsitaDesired Greatness
IsmaFather of a Multitude or Many Nations Pervaded with Desire
IsminAs Swift as the Spring Speedy
IsritaOwner Master Lord of the Universe
IstakaA Brick is Used in Preparing the Ceremonial Altar
IsuGod Contends Quivering An Arrow The Number
IsvaSpiritual Teacher
IsvaraThe Lord Ruler
IsvasaArrow Shooter An Archer
IsyaThe Spring Season Effecting Wishes
ItaA War Raid From Kikuyu To Wander A Kind of Reed
ItisaSuch a Ruler
ItishSuch a Lord
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