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JabaliStrong as a Rock Possessing a Herd of Goats
JabbarPeasant All Powerful Mighty One of the Ninety-nine Excellent Names of God Barley Grower
JadhavaDescendant of Jadu
JagacandraUniversal Moon
JagachandraMoon of the Universe
JagadayuLife Spring of the Universe
JagadevaLord of the World
JagadipLamp of the Universe
JagadipaLight of the Universe
JagadisaKing of the Universe
JagadishLord of the Universe
JagadishaGod Master of the Universe
JagajivaLife of the World
JagamohanaAttracts the World
JaganUniverse World
JagannathLord of the World Lord Vishnu
JagatThe Universe
JagataOf the World
JagatguruPreceptor of the World
JagathThe Universe
JagatprabhuGod of the World
JagdeepLight of the Universe Light of the World
JagdipLight of the Universe
JagdishKing of the World
JagesaKing of the World
JagjeetWinner of the World One who Conquers the World of the Mind
JagjitWinner of the World
JagmeetFriend of the World
JagnuCarrier of the World The Fire
JaguriOne who Wakes Others Up
JahnuA Rishi
JaicandraTriumph of the Moon
JaidevGod of Victory
JaidevaLord of Triumph
JaidharaBearer of Victory
JaigopalaThe Triumphant Gopala
JaiguptaProtected by Victory
JaikaraMine of Victory
JaikrishnaVictory of Lord Krishna
JaimallaVictorious Fighter
JaiminStrifes to Triumph
JainendraLord of the Jainas
JaipalaGuardian of Triumph King
JairajLord of Victory
JairajaVictorious Ruler
JairasaThe Essence of Victory
JaishankarVictory of Lord Shiva
JaisinhaVictorious Lion
JaisisaA Cheer of Victory Best Among the Victors
JaisnavaDesirous of Victory
JaitangaVictorious over Vody
JaitraLeading to Victory
JaitramaLeading to Victory
JaivahaCarrier of Victory
JaivataBeing Victorious Winning
JajharaEliminator of Power Very Powerful
JaladaGiving Water Rain Cloud Ocean
JaladhipaKing of the Waters
JalarkaThe Sun Reflected in Water
JalasaCelebration Water Like Healing Happiness
JalendraLord of the Water
JalindraLord of the Water
JamadagniName of a Rishi Consumes Fire
JambuName of Lord Shiva
JamiSupplanter Wife of Yama Daughter-in-law Holder of the Heel Yahweh May Protect Beautiful One who Supplants Consort of Yama Pet Form of James Used as a Woman's Name
JanadevaGod of Men
JanakFather of Sita Creator Good Man
JanakaFather Be-getter
JanakinathaRuler of Janaki
JanamejayaTriumphant from Birth Victory on Birth
JanapatiLord of Men
JanardhanaExciting People Another Name for Vishnu and Krishna
JanavProtecting Men
JanendraLord of Men
JanesaLord of Men
JaneshLord of Men
JanisthaDesired by People
JankinathJanki's Husband Lord Ram
JantuBorb A Living Being
JanyuCreature Fire Born
JapanMuttering Prayers
JapanaTo Mutter a Prayer
JapendraLord of Chants Lord Shiva
JapesaLord of Reciters
JapeshLord of Chants Lord Shiva
JaraOld Age
JasamitaImmense Fame
JasapalaProtected by Fame
JasarajaKing of Fame
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