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KaartikeyaSon of Shiva
KabandhaUgly Giant Cloud Comet Water
KacaHair Beauty Brilliance Cloud
KacapaCloud Drinker Leaf
KacesvaraFamous Poet Deity of Beauty A Temple
KacimaAbode of Clouds Where Clouds Rest A Sacred Tree that Grows Near a Temple
KadambaCloud Orange Flower
KagniA Little Fire
KahaliMischievous Lord Shiva Strong
KaholaDrinking Water
KailasaThe Crystalline Mountain
KailashName of a Himalayan Peak Abode of Shiva
KairavaBorn from the Water Lotus
KairavanA Type of White Lotus
KaivalyanAbsolute Aloneness
KajjalaLamp Black
KakaNeck Crow Adam's Apple
KakandaThe Golden
KakilaWorn Around Neck
KakodaraEaten by Acrow Serpent
KakshivatName of a Rishi
KakudmanPossessor of Peak High Lofty
KakundaPeak Chief Symbol of Royalty
KaladharaBearer of the Crescent Moon
KalaghataTime Slayer
KalakalaA Sort of Sound Imitation Like a River Flow
KalakutaPotion of Death
KalalWine Seller
KalanabhaBlack Navelled
KalarajaLord of Death
KalariEnemy of Death Lord Krisna
KalasinhaBlack Lion Lion of Time
KalavanHaving the Fine Arts The Moon
KaldhutaCompletely White Silver
KalenduDigit of the Moon
KalhanaKnower of Meaning Knowing Sound Reader
KalharaWater Lily
KalidasThe Poet Dramatist A Devotee of Goddess Kali Servant of Kali The Black One Beautiful
KalidasaThe Servant of Kali
KalilaDense Forest
KalindhaBestower of Arts and Skills Giving Blossoms The Sun
KalitaKnown Understood
KaliyaOf Time Of Death
KallolaJoy A Huge Wave Happiness Pleasure
KalmaliDi-speller of Darkness
KalpaAble Fit
KalpakaOf a Certain Standard Ceremony Imagine
KalpesaLord of Perfection
KaluYoung Ruler Black Complexion
KalyaanaWelfare Well Being of Others
KalyanaBeautiful Auspicious Blessed
KalyaninBeneficial Happy Lucky Auspicious
KamadevGod of Love
KamadevaThe God of Desire or Love
KamajitConqueror of Desire
KamalabuddhiWith Lotus Like Intelligence
KamalakshaLotus Eyed
KamalanOne who is Like a Lotus
KamalapatiLord Vishnu
KamalkantLord Vishnu
KamandaName of a Rishi
KamapalaThe Fulfiller of Desires
KamarajaLord of Desire
KamariThe Enemy of Desire
KamarupaOf the Form of Love Beautiful Pleasing
KambojaShell Elephant
KameshaLord of Desire
KanakambujamGolden Lotus
KanakarasaFluid Gold Essence of Gold
KanakenduGold Golden Moon
KandalaGold War Battle A New Shoot
KandanCloud Son of Shiva Another Name God Muruga
KandarpGod of Love
KaninakaYouth The Pupil of the Eye A Boy
KanjaWater Born From Outside
KanjamLotus Nectar
KanjanaProduced from Water
KanjavadanaLotus Faced
KankalaSkeleton A Collection of Bones
KanksitaWished Desired
KannanThe Good Angle A Form of Lord Krishna
KannenA Form of Krishna
KansaVessel of Bell-metal
KantBeloved Brilliant
KantidaGiving Beauty Adorning
KantuLove Mind Heart
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