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MaadhavAnother Name of Krishna
MaadhavaKrishhna The Husband of the Goddess of Fortune Vishnu
MaalavKeeper of Horses
MaalaySandalwood Trees Hilltown
MaalinOne who Makes Garlands
MaanavHuman Being
MaatangRoaming Cloud Elephant
MadaFurthest Point Illusion Intoxication
MadanaGod of Love Cupid Manmatha
MadanagopalaHandsome Cow-herd
MadanapalaKing of Love
MadhavSweet Like Honey Lord Krishna
MadhavaLord Krishna Full of Intoxication Related to the Spring Exotic
MadhavadasaDevoted to Krishna
MadhukaColoured Like Honey
MadhukantWith a Sweet Voice Moon
MadhukanthaWith a Sweet Voice
MadhukarHoney Bee Lover
MadhumayaMade of Honey
MadhupaDrinking Sweetness
MadhusudanaDestroyer of Madhu
MadhusudhanaDestroyer of Madhu Lord Sri Krishna
MadiraksaWith Intoxicating Eyes
MagadhaFrom Magadha
MahaadevaThe Great God Shiva
MahabaliOf Great Power
MahadevaThe Great God
MahajaOf Noble Descent
MahamatiOne with Big Brain Ganesh Extremely Intelligent Very Clever
MahanThe Great One
MahanidhiA Great Treasure House
MaharajGreat King
MaharajaGreat King
MaharathaGrand Charioteer
MaharsiGreat Saint
MahendraIndra Lord Vishnu
MaheshGod of Love Lord Shiva Dashing A Great Ruler Supreme God
MaheshwarLord Shiva
MaheswarLord Shiva
MahijitConqueror of the World
MahindraA King
MahipProtector of the Earth
MahipaProtector of the Earth
MahipalA King
MahipalaThe Earth Protector
MahisaLord of the Earth
MainakaSon of Mena
MakaraSea Monster
MakarandHoney Bee Pollen
MakarandaNectar Bee
MakariSea Monster Blessed
MakiHousefly True Record True Hope Heaven and Earth Conjoined Tree
MakulA Bud
MakulaA Bud
MalavaKeeper of Horses
MalharA Raga Used in Indian Music
MalharaGiver of Rain
MalinLittle Strong Warrior Of Magdala Crowned Woman from Magdala
MalyaWorthy to be Garlanded
ManajitConquerer of the Mind
ManamohanaWinner of the Heart
MananThought Thinking Repetition
ManasapremaA Mind Filled with Divine Love
ManasyuWishing Desiring
ManavHuman Man
ManavaYouth Gold
ManavendraKing Among Men
MandaaraMountain Used by the Gods to Stir the Cosmic Ocean
MandarA Mountain A Flower A Celestial Tree Flower Lord Ganesh
ManeetOne who Wins Heart
ManendraKing of Mind
MangalAuspicious Well Being
ManidipaWith Jewels Decorated Lamp
ManidraPrecious Stone which Gives a Lot of Happiness and Prosperity
ManikanthaBlue Bird With a Neck of Jewels
ManilJewel of a Son
ManilaJewel of a Son There is Nilad
ManilalaJewel of a Son
ManiramaOrnamented with Jewels
ManisankaraJewelled Shiva
ManivasagamA Great Devotee of Lord Shiva who Wrote Thiruvasagam
ManjeetaConqueror of the Heart
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