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NaabhiCentre of Body An Ancient King
NaagendraKing of the Serpents
NaakeshThe Lord of Heaven
NachiketaAn Ancient Rishi Fire
NadinathaThe Lord of Rivers
NadipatiThe Lord of Rivers
NadishaThe Lord of Rivers
NagaA Smart Boy and Great Boy
NagadhipaThe Overlord of the Mountains
NagadhirajaThe Paramount King of the Mountains
NagapatiThe Lord of the Mountains
NagariThe Enemy of Serpents
NagendraSeshnag Snake
NageshCosmic Serpent Seshnag
NageshaLord of Serpents
NageshwaraLord of the Mountains
NaivyaNew Modern Fresh Latest Recent
NakadhipaOverlord of Heaven
NakanathaThe Lord of Heaven
NakapatiLord of Heaven
NakeshaThe Lord of Heaven Variant of Nakeisha
NakinOne who Dwells in Heaven
NakulName of One of the Pandavas Lord Shiva
NalahStem Hollow Reed To Make an End To Make Complete
NalakiniLotus Lake
NamahI Bow
NamasyaWorthy of Salutation Worshipping
NambudiriOne of Cast in Kerala Brahmin
NamishLord Vishnu
NandirudraThe Joyful Rudra
NandishwaraThe Lord of Nandi
NandnaDaughter One who Bestows Happiness
NaradIndian Saint Devotee of Narayan
NaradaDevotee of Vishnu
NaradharaSupporter of Mankind
NarahariLord Vishnu
NarapriyaBeloved of Mankind Favorable to Mankind
NarasimhanMan Lion
NarasinhaThe Man-lion Fourth Incarnation of Vishnu
NaraviraHeroic Man Hero Among Men
NarayanLord Vishnu
NarayanaVishnu Refuge of Man
NarendraKing of Men Humanity
NareshLord of Man The King The King of the Country
NarottamBest Among Men
NartanaMakes Others Dance
NaryaPowerful Manly
NataBowed Snake Birthday Christmas Day
NatanaDancing Makes Others Dance
NatarajLord Shiva
NatarajaKing of Dancers
NatavaraThe Best of Dancers
NateshaLord of Dancers
NateshwarLord of Dancers
NateshwaraLord of Dancers
NathLord Ruler
NathaLord Ruler
NatyapriyaFond of Dancing
NavaA Boat Very True Boy Tune
NavaragNew Raag
NaveenNew Role Model of World Ever Fresh
NavneethLord Krishna
NayakThe Guide
NayakaThe Guide
NayatLeading Guiding
NeeladreeBlue Peak
NeelotpalBlue Lotus
NetaPlant Leader Guide
NidhruviEver Faithful Constant
NijeeshPersonal Intrinsic Hybrid Private
NikhilWhole Prithvi Complete Entire
NikhileshwaraSovereign Lord of All
NilagalaBlue Throated Blue Necked
NilagrivaBlue Throated Blue Necked
NilakanthaBlue Throated Blue Necked
NirabadhaTrouble-less Painless Harmless
NiraghanSinless Faultless
NirahankaraEgo-less She who is without Egoism
NirajakshaLotus Eyed
NirakulaUnconfused Unaffected She who is without Agitation
NiralambaWithout Support Independent
NiranjanSimple Name of a River The Night of the Full Moon Lord Shiva Flawless
NirankarGod Shiva With No Shape (God)
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