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PaaniniAn Ancient Hindu Saint
PaarthaArjuna Son of Pritha
PaavakaFire Gold
PaavanPurifier Water
PadamLotus Letter
PadmajLord Brahama
PadmanabhOne with Lotus in his Navel Vishnu
PadmanabhaLord Vishnu
PadmapadaLotus Footed
PakshaPolitical Party Fortnight Symbolizing the Phases of Moon.
PamsulaA Name of Lord Shiva
PandurangaOne with Pale White Complexion Lord Vithobha
PanikaShahid The Hand
PankajLotus Flower Awesome
PankajajaLotus Born
PankajakshaLotus Eyed
PankajanetraLotus Eyed
PapaharaRemover or Destroyer of Sins
PapaharanaRemover or Destroyer of Sins
ParadhamanSupreme Adobe
ParamThe Best Being Supreme Primary Perfect Ultimate
ParamanSupreme Highest
ParamarthaHighest Truth
ParamatmanThe Supreme Self
ParameshLord Shiva
ParameshaSupreme Lord
ParameshthinEstablished by the Supreme
ParameshwarSupreme Lord
ParameshwaraSupreme Lord
ParamodaraSupremely Great or Generous
ParantapaConqueror Arjuna
ParasharAn Ancient
ParashuramSixth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
ParashuramaRama with an Ax
ParasuramaRama of the Axe
ParatparaGreatest of the Greats
PareshSupreme Spirit
PareshtiHaving the Highest Sacrifice or Worship
ParijataThe Celestial Coral Tree
ParivrajakaWanderer Itinerant
ParjanyThe Rain God
ParmanandDivine Happiness
PashahantaThe Bond Destroyer
PashupatiLord Shiva's Incarnation
PasupatiLord Shiva
PataliType of Flower Trumpet The Trumpet Flower
PatiLord Ruler Break by Twisting Baskets of Fish Master Pet Form of Patricia
PatitapavanaPurifier of the Fallen
PatriA Patrician A Noble Mane Vessel Protector Goddess Durga
PaurasReal Man The Man who have a Hugh Potentials
PavakaBright Purifying
PavanWind Breeze Life Lord Hanuman
PayasWater Precious
PayaspatiThe Lord of Milk
PelavaDelicate Fine Soft Tender
PinakiLord Shiva Lord Krishna
PindaraReligious Mendicant
PitambarLord Vishnu
PitambaraThe Yellow or Golden Dressed
PitavasasGolden Dressed
PrabhakarThe Sun
PrabhakaraLight Maker
PrabhatMorning Dawn
PrabhavaOrigin Birth Place
PrabhavanHaving Light Luminous
PrabhavanaThe Creator
PrabhuhThe Master of the City of the Body
PrabodhSound Advice Consolation
PrabuddhaAwakened Roused Expanded
PradeepLight Shine
PradeeshExpectation The Sweetest
PradipaLamp Like Luminous Radiant
PrajapalaProtector of Creatures
PrajapatiKing Bramha
PrajeshLeader of Men God of Creator. Lord Brahma
PrajeshaLord of Creatures
PrajeshwaraLord of Creatures
PrakashSun Enlightened Light of Sun Light
PrakashaLuminous Shining Forth
PralayaAnnihilation Dissolution
PramodanLord Vishnu
PramodanaThe Joyful Delightful
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