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SaatyakiSatyaki The Same as Yuyudhana The Charioteer of Lord Krishhna
SabalaPowerful Mighty
SachdevTruth of God
SachinNil Pure Existence Lord Indra Lord Shiva
SachitConsciousness Joyful
SadashivaEternally Pure
SadhuRighteous Holy
SadratnaPure Gem True Pearl
SahadevaThe 6th Sensed One
SaharshaHappy Rejoicing
SajjaAdorned Equipped
SakhaFriend Generosity Liberality
SaktiEnergy Goodness Power
SamTold by God God has Listen To Hear Sun His Name is God Sun Child Little Sun Strong Person Heard of God
SamantUniversal Whole
SamastaAll Entire
SambashivaLord Shiva Attended by the Divine Mother
SambhavBorn Manifested
SambhavaBirth Born Production
SambhuSource of Happiness
SameerWind Breeze Early Morning Fragrance Cool Entertainer Jovial Entertaining Companion
SamirWind Pleasant Companion A Companion who Joins in an Evening Conversation Jovial Early Morning Fragrance Entertaining Companion Breeze Entertainer
SampathAssets Prosperty
SamrajUniversal Ruler
SamyagTotal Real
SamyakGold Enough
SamyaminSelf Restrained
SanatanaEternal Lord Shiva
SandhataConnector Regulator
SangeIn the Company
SanghaGroup Organisation Gathering
SanjayVictory Lord Shiva Dhritarashtra's Charioteer Triumphant Caring
SanjitWho is Always Victorious
SankarLord Siva
SankaraAuspicious Lord Shiva
SankarshanA Name of Balaram Brother of Lord Krishna
SankataharanaRemover of Difficulties
SanketaAddress Information
SantaThe Devotees
SantanuAuspicious Form
SanyogConnection Milan Con-incidence
SaralStraight Simple
SaranshIn Brief Summary
SarasSimple A Bird Lake Moon Pond
SaraswatichandraLord Saraswati
SarathiLord Krishna's Chariot Rider
SarmisthaA Daughter of Vrsaparvan
SarvagLord Shiva
SarvagaAll Going Omnipresent
SarvagataHaving Pervaded All
SarvajnaAll Knowing Omniscient
SarvajnyaAll Knowing Omniscient
SarveshLord of All
SarveshaThe Lord of All
SarveshwaraThe Lord of All
SarvinBest Archer God of Love
SashidharThe Man who Carries the Moon Lord Shiva
SatatyaNever Ending Persistence Continuity Perpetuity Eternity Uninterrupted Duration Diligence Conscientiousness Truthful Straightforward Honest
SathyamurthiSculpture of Truth
SatishVictorious Ruler of Hundreds Lord of Sati God of Truth
SatpatiLord Indra
SatruhaSlayer of his Foes
SattwaPurity Goodness
SattwavanEndowing with Goodness Purity
SattwikaHe who is Endowed with Purity
SatyajitVictory of Truth
SatyamurtyStatue of Truth
SatyankarTrue Good
SatyaprakashLight of Truth
SatyavanHusband of Savitri True
SatyenLord of the Truth
SaubhadraAbhimanyu The Son of Subhadra
SekarLord Vishnu
SenapatiLord of an Army
SeneshwaraLord of an Army
SeshadriShesha The King of Serpents
SevakaServant of God
SevanThe Embodiment of Service
ShailejaDaughter of Mountains
ShakraStrong Powerful
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