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TaarakaStar Eye
TaittiriSprung from a Partridge
TaksaSon of Bharata
TaksakaCutter Carpenter
TaladhvajaPalm Bannered
TalajanghaWith Legs as Long as a Palm Tree
TamoharaOne who Removes Darkness
TapanSun Summer Tapasvi Lord Surya (Sun)
TapasHeat Penance Ascetic
TapasaAn Ascetic
TapasviAn Ascetic
TapasweeAn Ascetic
TaradhipatiLord of the Stars
TarakStar Pupil of Eye Protector
TarasvinQuick Energetic
TarendraPrince of Stars
TarshyakGaruda King of Birds
TasmaiUp to Him
TasminIn that
TathyaFact Truth
TehanWorthy of Praise
TejLustrous Light
TejalaBringing Light
TejasaRadiant Energy Majesty
TejasvinOne who has Tej Brilliance
TejaswaFull of Knowledge Light
TejomayaFull of Effulgence
ThulajaEnergy of the Goddess The Kundalini Energy of the Goddess
TodikaSplitting Breaking
TolaA Balance
TrilochanOne with Three Eyes Lord Shiva
TrilokThe Three Worlds Heaven Earth Hell
TrilokanathLord Shiva
TrilokeshLord Shiva
TrisanthPeace of Three World
TuhinsurraWhite as Snow
TundaLord Shiva
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