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YadavaDescendant of Yadu
YadurajLord Krishna
YagnashLord of the Yagna Wish
YagneshGanesh Religious Leader
YajaWorshipper Pries-tress
YajamanaWorshipping High Priest
YajataWorthy of Worship
YajatiWorthy of Worship
YajuThe Yajur Veda
YamaThe God of Death Also the Five Moral Commandments Restrainer Mountain
YamesaHaving Yama as King
YashvanthForever Young A Person who Attains Fame and Glory
YasodhanaFamous for his Wealth
YasodharaMaintaining Victory Conferring Splendour and Fame
YatinathaMaster of the Devoted
YatindraLord Indra
YatisaMaster of the Devoted
YatishLord of Devotees
YiyakshuDesire to Worship
YogConcentration Meditation
YoganidraMeditation Meditation Sleep
YogarajaKing of Yoga
YogenMaster of Yoga
YogendraGod of Yoga
YogesaLord of Yoga
YogeshGod of Yoga Source of Knowledge Lord Krishna Lord Shiva
YogesvaraGod Object of Worship
YoginOne who Practices Yoga
YoginderGod of Yoga Another Name for Lord Shiva
YogisaMaster of Yoga Practitioners
YogishaMaster of Yoga Practitioners
YugandharaStrongest of his Time Bearing an Era
YuvarajaSon of the King Crown Prince
YuvrajPrince Heir Apparent
YuyutsuEager to Fight
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