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AadhyaBeginning First Power
AaditriGodess Laxmi
AadrikaGoddess Mountain
AadritaLots of Love Gathering Adorable
AadyaLight The Earliest Lord Shiva One who is Always First and Best Name of Adisakthi Goddess Parvati Name of Aadisakti
AakhyaFame Glory
AanandiHappy Cheerful Always Happy Woman Full of Joy Blissful
AanandiniBlissful Joyful
AanayaBlessed with God
AaraadhanaWorship Prayer
AaradhayaRegard To Worship Name of an Ornament
AaratrikaDusk Lamp Below Tulsi Plant
AarogyaHealth Healthy Girl
AaryaLines on Any Particular Raaga from Sanskrit Princess Goddess Parvati / Durga
AasaHope Aspiration
AashaWish Hope
AashitaOne who is Full of Hope
AashrithaHelping Nature Somebody who Gives Shelter
AashwikaGoddess Santoshi Maa
AasmiI am Soul
AastaFaith Trust
AavishiGoddess Lakshmi
AbalaHelpless Immovable The Earth
AbhaShining Luster Glorious Beauty Lustre Shine More or Most Beautiful More Splendid
AbharikaThe Name of a Goddess
AbhatiSplendour Light
AbhayaaWithout Fear Fearless
AbhayankariOne who Gives Courage
AbhidiRadiant Expression Word Name
AbhidyaOf Thought Wish Longing
AbhigurtiSongs of Gratitude
AbhigyaWise One Expert Adept
AbhijaataWell Born
AbhijataWell Born Well Born (Woman)
AbhijayaConquest Complete Victory Victorious
AbhijishyaIndependent Girl
AbhijitaVictorious Woman
AbhijnaRemembrance Recollection
AbhijvalaBlazing Forth
AbhikheyaBeauty Shrine
AbhilasaDesire Wish
AbhimodaJoy Delight
AbhinabhasFamous Renowned
AbhinandaTo Rejoice To Celebrate To Praise To Bless Delight Celebrating
AbhinayaExpression Actress Action
AbhinitaWell Performed Suitable Proper
AbhipsaTo Know about God Desire
AbhipshaWish Desire
AbhiraCowherd Cow-herd
AbhiraksaOne who Protects
AbhiramLovely Pleasing Handsome
AbhiramiGoddess Gouri Goddess Parvati
AbhirupaPleasing Form Handsome Charming Lord Shiva and Vishnu Beautiful Beautiful Woman
AbhishiktaInstalled on a Throne
AbhishreeTo Enlighten
AbhishriSurrounded with Glory
AbhisnehaAffection Desire Love Longing
AbhisriTo Spread Brightness Surrounded by Glory Shining Powerful
AbhitaEverywhere Fearless Brave Courageous
AbhitiFearless Brave Courageous
AbhivadaReverential Salutation Salutation of Respect
AbhivadanaTo Greet
AbhivakshitaOne who is Protected
AbhraCloud Bearing Water Clouds Sky
AbhyavarshiniOne who Comes Repeatedly
AbjiniMultitude of Lotuses
AbraFire Cloud Lesson A Kind of Boat Example Father of a Multitude
AcalaThe Immovable One
AchalaStill Immovable Steady Mountain
AchindraFlawless Uninterrupted Perfect Without Faults
AchiraVery Short
AciraBrief Swift Fast
AdambhaWithout Deceit Unpretentious
AdamyaFormidable Brave United
AdarshPerfection Excellence Ideal
AdhanaOne without Money
AdhikaMore Greater
AdhiraImpatient Lightning
AdhitiLearned Man Scholar
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