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BaageshwariA Musical Raga in Carnatic
BaalaChild Young A Young Girl
BaalaaChild Young
BabhruFierce Brown Reddish Brown Cow
BahuA Lot Arm The Shadow of the Sundial Daughter-in-law
BahudamaSuppressor of Many Strong Powerful A Star
BahulaA Star
BahuliManifold Multiplied One who has Many Facets
BaijayanthiPrize Garland of Lord Vishnu
BakaCrane Stork
BakulA Kind of Tree The Name of a Flower
BakulaA Kind of Flower Reassembling a Crane Nagakeshar Flower A Flower (Fragrant Tiny White Flowers) Bakula is a Reputed Ayurvedic Drug The Entire Parts of the Tree are Used for Preparing Herbal Medicines
BakuliResembles a Crane Blossom
BalaChild Young One An Ever 9 Year Old Girl A Young Girl
BalamaniYoung Jewel Youthful Tender Small Jewel
BandanaPrayer Chant Worship
BansiFlute Baansuri Whistle Melodious
BansuriFlute Lord Krishna Flash of Lightning
BarkhaRain Life Giving Monsoon
BasabiResident Wife of Lord Indra
BasantiOf Spring
BelaWhite Within Intelligent Destruction Evening Time A Flower - Jasmine
BhaBoy Short Form of Bhavesh Historic or Religious
BhaagyaBlessing Fortune Luck
BhaanumatiFull of Lustre Famous
BhadraAuspicious Gentle
BhadrakaliAuspicious Kali
BhadramurtiAuspicious Form An Embodiment of Benevolence
BhadrapriyaAuspicious Beloved
BhadravatiGoddess of Welfare
BhadrikaNoble King Pareekshit's Wife
BhagirathiThe River Ganga
BhagwatiGoddess Durga
BhagyaLakshmi Lovely Lucky Fortune Faith
BhairaviA Melody in Classical Music Goddess Durga
BhajanaDevoted Venerated
BhaktiDevotion Prayer
BhaktidayiniGiver of Dedication Devotion
BhamaLight Splendour Prayer Passionate Famous Loving
BhanaviSacred Illuminating
BhanuThe Sun Fame
BhanujaSon of the Sun River Yamuna
BhanumatiFull of Lustre
BhanupriyaBeloved of the Sun
BhanusriRays of Laxmidevi
BharaniName of a Celestial Star The Second Nakshatra in Hindu Astronomy God of Good Luck One who Fulfils A Nakshathra
BharatiFirst Saraswati
BhargaviBright Goddess Paravathi
BhaskariSon of the Sun One who Brings Glory
BhaumiEarth Goddess Sita
BhavadaGiving Life Cause of Existence
BhavanaIlluminating Creator Meditation Thinking Feelings Sentiments
BhavaniName of Goddess Durga Sweet One who Lives Forever Goddess Parvati
BhavanikaLiving in a Castle
BhaviEmotional Heavy
BhavikaRighteous Pious Lot of Emotional Well-meaning Honest Cheerful Expression
BhavikiSentimental Emotional
BhavyaName of God Grand Splendid Big Goddess Parvati Durga
BhawaniIlluminating Creator
BhilanganaA River
BhimaThe Mighty One Powerful Tremendous
BhinnaaSeparated Same
BhogavatiCurving A Female Serpent
BhoomiEarth The Earth
BhramaraWanderer Large Black Bee A Bumble Bee Parvati Lord Shiva's Wife had Taken the Form of a Bumble Bee Searching for the Truth
BhramariDancing Around
BhumayiFull of Existence Produced from the Earth
BhumiEarth Strong Big Heart
BhupaliA Raagini in Indian Music
BhusaEmbellishment Precious
BhushaEmbellishment Precious
BhutiWell Being Existence
BhuvanaLiving Creature The Earth
BhuvanamatiOwner of the World
BhuvanapaavaniOne who Makes the Earth Sacred
BhuviHeaven Bliss
BidulaSpotted Variegated Name of a Tree
BilvaA Sacred Leaf Auspicious Fruit Bael
BilwaA Sacred Leaf Used in Shiv Pooja Holy Leaf Offered to Lord Shiva
BimbaImage Mirror
BindiyaDrop Point
BinduPoint Drop Dot
BindumaaliniWearing a Garland of Pearls
BindumatiWise Illumined
BindurekhaA Line of Dots A Verse
BipulaPlenty Much Strong Manifold
BirvaGreen Tree Leaf
BodhanaClever Wise Enlightening The Inspiring
BodhiWise Enlightening Knowledge Enlightenment
BodhiniWise Enlightening Knowledge
BoraSnow Excellent Brave Hurricane Foreign Strange Stranger
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