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CaitaliSharp of Memory
CalaEver Moving Castle Fortress Lovely Most Beautiful
CandalikaGoddess Durga
CandikaFierce Goddess
CandraLuminescent Moon
CandraniConsort of the Moon
CandrimaLight of the Moon
CapalaSwift Lightning
CarulataBeautiful Vine
CarumatiIntelligent Wise
ChaandvikaBeautiful Moon
ChahanaDesire Affection
ChaitaliBorn in the Month of Chaitra
ChaitanyaThe Name of a Saint Consciousness Life Knowledge Movement
ChakoriAlert A Bird Enamoured of the Moon
ChakshuEye Eyes
ChalamaGoddess Parvati
ChameliJasmine A Creeper with Flowers
ChampaSoothing A Flower
ChampabatiThe Daughter of an Ancient King Raja Sahil Verma The Capital
ChampakaliA Bud of Champa
ChampavatiThe Daughter of an Ancient King Raja Sahil Verma Owner of Champak Tree
ChampikaLittle Champa Flower
ChanchalaMoves Wind Lover Unsteady Lakshmi
ChandaGod's Compassion Fierce Passionate Violent Moon
ChandanaSandalwood Soothing Dear to the Gods Sandal Wood Parrot
ChandaniStar A River Moonlight Silver Moon Light
ChandasriDivine Moon Fair Beautiful
ChandiGreat Goddess
ChandiniMoon Star Moonlight Moon Light A River
ChandniMoonlight Star
ChandraThe Moon A Shining Moon Night of Twilight
ChandrabhagaRiver Chenab in India
ChandrabinduCrescent Moon
ChandrahasaWith a Beautiful Smile
ChandrakalaBeams of the Moon
ChandrakaliProgressive A Digit of the Moon
ChandrakantaBeloved of the Moon Moonstone
ChandrakantiMoon Light
ChandrakinA Peacock
ChandramaniMoonstone Jewel
ChandramatiAs Beautiful as the Moon
ChandramukhiAs Beautiful as the Moon
ChandraniBeautiful as Moon
ChandraprabhaStar Moon Light
ChandravatiLit by the Moon Brilliant
ChandrimaMoonlight Night
ChapalaSwift Lightning Restless Lighting
CharaQuiet and Frisky
CharaniGoddess Saraswati
ChariniFollower Disciple
CharulataBeautiful Creeper
CharumathiBeautiful Mind
CharveeLovely Beautiful
CharviA Beautiful Woman Lovely Beautiful Woman
ChayaAlive Living Lustre Beauty
ChayanikaThe Chosen One
ChetasWisdom Grandeur Soul Heart Mind
ChinmayaWith Joy God Embodied with Knowledge
ChiraLong Time Leave Permanently
ChitraExcellent Bright Happiness Drawing Picture A Star Name of a River Art Nakshatra
ChitrajyotiWonderfully Glorious
ChitrakesiHaving Wonderful Hair
ChitraliA Row of Pictures
ChitramalaSeries of Pictures
ChitramayaWorldly Illusion
ChitramayiFull of Wonders
ChitrangadaName of Arjun's Wife
ChitrangiWith a Charming Body
ChitrarathiWith a Bright Chariot
ChitraratiGranter of a Excellent Gift
ChitrashilaOf Strong Character
ChitrasriWith Divine Beauty
ChittiSmall Butterfly
ChokshaPure Clean
ChulliCooking Fire
CitraliBeautiful Lady
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