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DadhijaDaughter of Milk
DaeviGoddess The Diety
DaevikaMinor Deity Goddess
DahadahaBlazing Destroying Enemies
DaivatStrength Power Luck
DaksaCompetent Talented Perfect
DakshaAble Talented The Earth The Skilled One Sati - Wife of Lord Shiva
DakshayaniGoddess Parvathi The Daughter of Daksha Goddess Durga
DakshinaDonation to God A Donation to God or Priest
DaksinaRight The Sense of Direction Clever Fit Able South Direction Goddess Durga
DamaControl of the Senses Self-control River Ocean One who Suppresses
DamayantiLotus Flower Pretty Dove
DanuLiberal Courageous Noisy High Pitched One who Shouts Sweetest Swift Flowing
DarpanaInducing Pride A Mirror
DarsanaLooking at Lord Krisna Seeing Sight
DarshanaSeeing Sight Darshan Vision
DarshaniWorth Looking at
DarshitaGood Morning Sight
DarshwanaPure of Heart
DaruLiberal Wine
DayaGood Kindness Mercy Pity
DayitaLoved One Beloved
DedeepyaAlways Shining Light
DeekshaInitiation To Teach Learner To Teach Students Good Thoughts of Hindu Religions to Students (who Wants to Meet God and Wants to Became Social Worker)
DeepaLamp Dedication A Pledge A Lamp Light Radiant Goddess Laxmi
DeepaliRow of Lights Deep Collection of Lamps
DeepikaA Little Light Beautiful Girl Lamp Light A Raagini Used in Indian Music Wife of God
DeetyaAnswer of Prayers Goddess Lakshmi
DehiniOf the Body
DevaDeity God Demi-god
DevagiriA Mountain Belongs to Lord Divine Knowledge
DevahutiDaughter of Manu
DevakiMother of Krishna
DevakiriName of a Raagini
DevalataDivine Wine
DevalekhaCelestial Beauty
DevamatiGodly Minded Virtuous
DevamatraEquivalent to a God
DevanandaJoy of the Gods Daughter of Gods
DevanganaCelestial Maiden
DevaniShining Celestial Goddess
DevasenaWith an Army of the Gods One who is Serving God
DevasreeDivine Beauty
DevavaniDivine Voice
DevaviGratifying the Gods A Devotee of God
DevesiKoushthub the Gem Worn by Lord Vishnu
DeviLord Cute Goddess
DevikaLike an Angel Little Goddess Mother of Krishna Minor Deity Goddess
DevikadeviInvested with Divine Quantities
DevilaAttached to the Gods
DevinaResembling a Goddess
DevisaChief of the Gods Like a Goddess
DevyaDivine Power God Gift
DhairyaPatience Brave Patient
DhamadhamaMaking a Noise
DhanaMoney Wealth Healthy Wealthy
DhanadaBestows Treasures
DhanadeepaLord of Wealth
DhanalakshmiNice Voice The Goddess of Wealth
DhanuMan of Wealth A Bow The Zodiacal Sign Sagittarius
DhanujaArjuna's Bow
DhanyaGiver of Wealth Lord Vishnu Great
DharaWearing Constant Flow The Earth
DharaniEarth Success
DharitriThe Earth
DharmaLaw Religious Decree Custom Path of Life
DhatriA Son of Vishnu Lakshmi Earth Goddess Lakshmi Goddess Parvati
DhavalaDazzling White Handsome
DhavitaWhitish Washed Purified Purified and Clean
DhenuA Cow
DhenukaCalf Milch Cow
DhitaA Daughter
DhitikaThoughtful Wise
DhritiCourage Morale Patience
DhrtiEarth Will Resolution
DhrutiFirm Resolute Motion
DhruvaVery Intelligent Unshakable The Pole Star The Polar Star Constant Faithful Firm
DhruviFirmly Fixed Firm
DhumraSmoky Grey Purple Dim Vapourous A Daughter of Daksa
DhutiShaker Agitator Splendour Light
DhvaniSound Thunder Sound Stages
DhwaniSound Voice Melody Music
DhyaniOne who does Contemplation Deer
DiddaDidda Rani was One of the Celebrated Queens and Ruler of Kashmir
DidhitiFirm Stable Devotion
DigambariConsort of Digambara Sky Clad Goddess Durga
DigishaRegent of a Direction
DiksaConsecration Initiation
DinaDay Lord of the Poor Protector Love God has Judged Dinah Spear Ruler Decoration Justified Valley Judge Form of Hebrew Dinah Judged and Vindicated In the Bible Dinah was Jacob's Only Daughter
DipaThat which Illuminates Light Lamp Illuminated Enlightens
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