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EdhaA Type of Wood Sacred Holy
EilaEarth The Earth
EkaLord Vishnu Matchless Alone Unique
EkaaGoddess Durga
EkaagraOne-pointed With One Attention
EkacandraThe Only Moon
EkadevaThe Only God
EkadhanaA Portion of Wealth
EkajaThe Only Child
EkalaSolitary Only Child
EkantaDevoted Peace Devoted Girl
EkantikaSingly Focused
EkaparnikaGoddess Durga
EkataFirst Single Unity
EkaviraLord Shiva's Daughter The Bravest
EkodaraBorn of the Same Womb A Sister Born from Same Womb
ElakshiA Woman with Bright Eyes
EnaDoe Marked A Black Antelope The Zodiac Sign of Capricorn Kernel
EniA Der A Flowing Stream
EsaGod is Salvation Desirable Prophet Another Name for Vishnu Wish Desire
EshaPleasure Desire
EshanaLord Shiva Search
EshitaOne who Desires
EsitaDesired One who Desires
EtaPainted Shining Luminous
EtasaShining Dappled Horse One who Desires
EtiArrival Star
EvaLife To Live To Breath Good News Form of Eve Beloved Living One Breath of Life Life-giving
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