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GajagaminiFascistic Like an Elephant's Walk
GajalakshmiLakshmi who is as Graceful as an Elephant
GajendraThe King of Elephants Precious Elephant King
GajraGarland of Flowers A String of Flowers
GamatiWith a Flexible Mind
GanaGarden Troop Going to do Something
GandhaliFragrance of Flower
GandharaSweet Scent Fragrance
GandharikaPreparing Perfume
GandharviThe Army of Gandharvas
GangaThe Great Holy River Sacred River of India
GangikaOne who is Pure Sacred Pious as the Ganga River Ganga
GangotriGlacier Where the Ganga Originates Sacred River of India
GanjanSurpassing Exceeding
GargiAn Ancient Scholar Like One of Lord Buddha Name of a Learned Woman Goddess Durga Scholar
GarimaWarmth Proud Dignity Prowess Strength Honour
GarudaKing of Birds Eagle
GathaNarration Sublime Songs Any Poem Used for Meditation Book Written by Sant Tukaram
GatiSpeed Fast Progressive
GatitaA River
GatravatiStory Narration
GauharCow Like White The Pearl One who has Taken the Colour of the Cow A Pearl
GauraWhite A Fair Woman
GaurangiOf Wheatish Complesion Beautiful Coloured Like a Cow
GauraviHonour Pride Goddess Durga
GauriA Fair Woman Parvati
GautamiWife a Sage Gautam River Godavari
GayaWorth Going to Wealth Household Offspring Life A Holy City of India
GayathriAn Precious Angel The Chant of Salvation Goddess Durga Phased Verse Angle the Chant of Salvation
GayatriSinger Mantra The Chant of Salvation Goddess Durga Goddess of Wood Good Friend Mother of Gods Veda Mata - the Mother of All Vedas Sanskrit Mantra
GeetaHoly Book of the Hindus
GeetanjaliCollection of Poems or Songs Presenting Songs in a Devoted Manner Presenting Songs as an Offering
GeethaHoly Book of the Hindus
GeetiA Song Melody
GeetikaA Little Song Music
GemineTwin Third Sign of Zodiac Twins
GeminiTwin Third Sign of Zodiac Twins
GhataCloud Rainy Clouds
GiradeviPrecious Gold Coin The Goddess of Speech
GirijaMountain Goddess Parvati Wife of Lord Shankar Born of a Mountain
GirikaHeart of the Gods Lord Shiva Summit of a Mountain
GirinandiniThe Earth Daughter of the Mountain
GirisaKing of the Mountain King of Speech Lady of the Mountain
GirisutaDaughter of the Mountain
GirjaIt Refers to Several Different Trees Goddess Parvati Consort of Lord Shiva
GitaHoly Book Hindu Holy Text Song
GitaliLover of Song
GitanjaliAn Offering of Songs
GitiGrape Presser World Song
GodaOne who Gives Cows Goddess
GodavariIndian River Name Sacred River of India
GomatiName of a River
GopaCow-herder Gautama's Wife
GopaliHerder of Cows
GopiProtector of Cows Woman who Loves Cows Cow-herd Woman Milkmaid Friends of Lord Krishna Cowherd
GopikaLord Krishna Cow-herd Woman
GopilaProtector of Cows A King Krishna's Friend
GulalColour Red Crown of the Head Auspicious Powder
GulikaBall Anything Round A Pearl
GunaBestowed with Qualities Good Character
GunjThe Sound
GunjanHum Buzzing of a Bee Humming
GunjikaHumming Reflection Meditation
GunjitaHumming of Bee
GuptiPreserving Protecting
GurumitaFriend of the Guru
GyanaKnowledge Full of Knowledge A Devi Name
GyanishthaKnowledge Determination
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