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HaimaSnow Frost Dew Golden Goddess Parvati
HalaHalo Around the Moon Plough Great Dazzling Sweetness Girlfriend Glorious Lunar Halo Glory Golden Female Friend Outline of Brightness Surrounding a Full Moon
HalimaPatient Merciful Poisonous Gentle Mannered Kind
HamsiniOne who Rides a Swan Goddess Saraswati
HaniaGrace Favour Apricot from Nara Grain
HankaGrace Favour Apricot from Nara Grain
HansiniSwan-like Swan and Beautiful Lady
HarLord Shiva God Like Goddess Laxmi / Durga
HaraLord Shiva The Remover of Sins Princess Seizer
HariSun Fit Proper Tawny Green Wind Fire The Moon The One Belonging to God Good Lover Lord Siva Lord Indra God Narayanan Lord Vishnu Lord Krishna A Colour Joy Happiness
HarikaBeloved by Indra Wonderful
HarinaDeer Other Name for Lord Vishnu and Siva Lord Hari
HarinakshiDoe-eyed One with Eyes Like Deer
HarinaksiWith Eyes Like a Doe
HaripriyaConsort of Lord Vishnu Lakshmi
HarshaJoy Delight Happiness Golden Pleasure
HarshalaJoy Glad
HarshitaJoyous Who Brings Happiness Happy Joyful
HarsitaFull of Happiness
HasantiSmiling Face One that Delights
HasitaDelighted Happy Full of Laughter
HathavilasiniOne who Enjoys According to her Own Desire
HavyaTo be Invoked Beautiful Hobby Goddess Parvati
HayaModesty Decency Shyness Shame Life Quick Light
HayiHello Alive Living Existence Wish Desire
HeliAscending Climbing Up Embrace Sun Light Torch Moon Elope Glowing Moon Continuous Rain Term of Address for Female Friend
HemaGold Golden
HemabhaWith a Golden Look
HemagiriGolden Mountain Peak
HemakamalaGolden Moon Golden Lotus
HemakantiGolden Charm Glitter of Gold
HemakeshaLord Shiva With Golden Hair
HemakshiGolden Eyes
HemaksiGolden Eyes
HemalataGolden Creeper
HemamalaGolden Garland
HemamaliWearing a Golden Garland
HemamaliniGarlanded with Gold
HemambikaPossesser of Gold Necklace
HemanginiGirl with Golden Body
HemaniGoddess Parvati
HemantaEarly Winter Name of a Season
HemantiEarly Winter Born in the Hemant Season
HemanyaGold Bodied Golden Bodied
HemaprabhaGolden Light
HemarajaGolden King Lord of Gold
HemavatiGoddess Parvati
HemlataGolden Creeper
HenaFlower On who is Polite A Flower Troubling
HetiFlame Sun Ray
HevanikaGolden Beauty
HimaHima Snow Winter Bindu
HimabinduDrop of a Snow
HimadriHimalaya Peak of Snow The Himalaya Mountain
HimaniParvati Snow
HimasutaDaughter of Snow
HiraDiamond Another Name for Lakshmi
HiraksiDiamond Like
HirangaHard as a Diamond Wealthy
HirangiHard as a Diamond
HiranyaWealth Gold A Precious Metal Golden
HirudayaKind Hearted Jesus Heart
HitaBeneficial Lovable Good Manners
HitasaThe Oblation Eater Another Name of Fire
HolikaComparison Lighting of Ceremonial Fire
HolikaaLighting the Ceremonial Fire Sister of Hiranyakashipu
HomaOblation Happy Joyous
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