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IbhiFemale Elephant
IchchhaDesire Desire Ambition
IdaProsperous Happy Work Labour Woman Thirst Goodness Knowledge A Nymph Hard Working This Moment Insight Planet Earth Industrious Diligent Norman Origin
IdalineProsperous Happy Hardworking Working Noble Idelle Work Insight
IdikaThe Earth
IhaThe Earth Wish
IhitaDesir Goddess Durga Fighter Beauty Queen
IjyaWorthy of Worship A Teacher Deity Sacrifice Offer
IkshanaSight Pretty
IkshulaHoly River
IksuSweet Sugar
IlaEarth Daughter of Manu
IlikaSmall Earth
IlinaPossessing High Intelligence
IlisaKing of the Earth Queen of the Earth
IndiaRiver Name of a Country Body of Water Land of the Indus (River)
IndiraGoddess Lakshmi
IndraExcellent First God of the Sky
IndrabalaIndra's Daughter
IndradeviAs Sacred as Indra
IndrajaBorn of Indra Jupiter Daughter of Lord Indra
IndraksheeEyes Like Indra
IndrakshiOne with Beautiful Eyes
IndraksiEyes Like Indra
IndraniWife of Indra
IndrasenaThe Army of Indra Daughter of King Nala
IndrayaniThe Name of a Sacred River
IndujaNarmada River
IndukantaLike a Moon Wife of Moon Night
IndumaniGem of the Moon
IndumatiThe Full Moon
IndumukhiMoon Like Face
InduprabhaMoon Rays
IniaBody of Water
InikaSmall Earth
InkitTo Keep in Mind To Point at Something
InraniSpouse of Lord Indira
IpsaAmbition Desire
IpsitaThe Desired
IraWatchful Wind Descendants Vigilant Alert Earth Goddess Saraswati
IrajaBorn of the Wind Daughter of Wind
IravatiRavi River in India
IrijayaVictorious Wind
IrmaOf the Nature of Wind Moves Constantly Universal Constant Movement Wind Whole Warrior Entire
IshaOne who Protects Goddess Durga The Female Energy Woman Faculty Power Another Name of Durga
IshaniGoddess Durga Parvati Wife of Lord Shiva
IshikaSacred Sacred Paint Brush The Queen of Water and Mountain Lovely
IshitaDesired Goddess Superior Mastery Wealth Form of Goddess Durga
IshwariGoddess God Gift
IsikaBrush Sacred Pen
IsitaDesired Greatness
ItiEnd Last Start
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