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JagadambaMother of the Universe
JagadambikaGoddess Durga
JagatiOf the Universe Gifted with Speed Bestowed with Speed
JagaviBorn of the World
JagdeepLight of the Universe Light of the World
JagraviWatchful Bright King
JagrutiAwareness Awakening Vigilance
JahnviRiver Ganga
JaikirtiGlory of Victory
JailekhaA Record of Victory
JaimalaGarland of Victory
JaiminiAn Ancient Philosopher Victory
JaipriyaBeloved of Victory
JaishilaCharacter of Victory
JaisudhaNectar of Victory
JaivantiLong Lived Being Victorious
JalaWater Elucidation Special One Charity
JaladhiCrocodile Treasure of Water
JalahasiniSmile of Water
JalajakshiJasmine Lotus Eyed
JalaniliBlue as the Water Water Nymph
JalelaGoddess of Water
JambaliniVirgin of the Water
JamiSupplanter Wife of Yama Daughter-in-law Holder of the Heel Yahweh May Protect Beautiful One who Supplants Consort of Yama Pet Form of James Used as a Woman's Name
JamunaS Holy River
JanakiWife of Lord Rama Daughter of King Janak Goddess Sita
JananeeThe Mother
JanapriyaBeloved One One who Loved by the Whole World
JanhitaOne who Thinks of the Welfare of the Men
JankiGoddess Sita
JapaChanting Recitation
JaritaOld Decayed Female Offspring
JarulFemale Offspring Flower Queen
JaswinderVictorious Famous Rich Thunderbolt of Indra
JatalikaWith Twisted Hair
JauharJewel Gem Pearl
JayBlue Jay He who Supplants The Lord is Salvation Victory Blue Crested Bird A Bird in the Crow Family Win Name of Bird
JayaVictorious Victory Goddess Durga
JayalalitaVictorious Goddess Durga
JayanaBringer of Victory
JayaniConqueror Lord Krishna A Sakti of Ganesha
JayanthiAlways Win Profit A Sakti of Ganesha
JayantiVictorious Goddess Parvati
JayantikaGoddess Durga Paravati Parvati
JayashreeGoddess of Victory The Goddess of Victory
JayashriGoddess of Victory
JayasriGoddess of Victory
JaynaGod is Gracious Jehovah has been Gracious Victory
JayshreeGoddess of Victory
JesalKing of Kutch Water
JetashriA Raga
JetasriGoddess of Gain
JharnaA Stream
JigisaStrifes to Triumph
JigishaChild's Plaything Superior
JijabaiVictorious Woman Shivaji's Mother
JinaLord Vishnu Name One's Self The Victorious Named Child Identity
JitiObtains Triumph
JivantikaOne who Gives Life
JivikaSource of Life
JosaApproval Pleasure Satisfaction Woman
JoshaSatisfied Woman
JoshikaYoung Maiden
JuhiJasmine Flower
JuiA Flower
JvalaFlame Blaze
JyesthaThe Eldest Lord Vishnu Elder
JyesthilaOlder Superior
JyosnaMoonlight Moon's Rays
JyotiLove Light Flame Lamp Head of Candle
JyotishmatiLuminous Bright Glowing
JyotsanaRadiant Like Flames
JyotsnaMoon Light
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