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KaaliGoddess Goddess Durga
KaavyaPoetry in Motion
KaberiFull of Water A River in South India
KadaliBanana Tree
KadambiOld Place Cloud Orange Flower
KadambiniAn Array of Clouds Garland of Clouds
KahaliMischievous Lord Shiva Strong
KahiniPriest Holy Person Young Story
KairaviniBorn from the Water Lotus
KaivalyaAbsolute Aloneness
KajalKohl Collyrium Black Eyeliner
KajolKohl Collyrium Beautiful Eyes Eye Liner
KakaliChipping of Birds
KakshiOf Jungle Perfume Fragrant Earth
KalaThe Fine Arts Talent The Sun Time Fate Dark Blue Black Princess Lady Most Beautiful Art
KalakarniLakshmi With Black Ears
KalamalaGarland of the Fine Arts
KalapiniPeacock Night
KalavatiParvati Artist
KaliBud Graceful Beautiful Artistic The Dark One A Bud Goddess Parvati Goddess Kali The Great Goddess A Form of Durga The Black One
KalidasThe Poet Dramatist A Devotee of Goddess Kali Servant of Kali The Black One Beautiful
KalikaBeyond Death Long Lived A Bud Name of a Godess Kalli
KalimaSpeaker Mouthpiece Blackness The Mother Kali
KalindaSun The Sea
KalindiYamuna River
KallieMost Beautiful Modern Variant of Callie Lark From the Forest Ornament of the Wrist Lovely Black
KalpakaOf a Certain Standard Ceremony Imagine
KalpanaIdea Imagination Fancy
KalyaPleasant Praise
KalyaniBeautiful Auspicious Blessed Blissful Fortunate
KamaThe Golden One Love
KamakantaBeloved of Kama The Jasmine
KamakshiA Devi Same as Lalita One with Loving Eyes Goddess Parvati Goddess Lakshmi
KamaksiHaving Voluptuous Eyes
KamalaBorn of the Lotus The Garden Goddess Born of a Lotus Desirous Beautiful
KamalahBorn of the Lotus The Garden
KamalakshiOne whose Eyes are Beautiful Like Lotuses
KamalaksiEyes Like the Lotus
KamalalayaBlissful Beautiful Abiding in a Lotus
KamaleshLord of Kamala Goddess of Lutus
KamaliSpirit Guide Protector A Collection of Lotuses Full of Desires
KamalikaLakshmi Lotus
KamaniyaDesirable Endearing
KamayaniWish Desire The Mirror of Love
KameshiSovereign Goddess of Desire
KamikaDesired Wished for
KamlaGoddess Lakshmi
KamleshGod of Lotus Goddess of Lutus
KammaLoveable Desire
KanaName of a Demi God Plant Youthful Beautiful An Atom Powerful
KanakalataA Golden Vine
KanakavalliGolden Creeper
KananaForest Grove
KanchanamalaThe Nymph of the Forest Garland of Gold
KanchiA Waistband
KandaRoot A Knot The Place Where the Three Main Nadis Join Crying
KanganaA Bracelet
KanikaA Grain An Atom Heart of Wheat Small Black Molecule Seed
KaninaYouthful The Little Finger
KanishkaName of a King Gold
KanitaIris of the Eye
KanjariA Bird
KankaliniOne with Necklace of Bones
KankanaA Bracelet
KannakiDevoted and Virtuous Wife
KantaRadiant A Beautiful
KanthaThroat Neck Name of a God
KanthamaniLord Krishna Jewel of the Neck A Dear Object
KantiLight Lustre
KanyaaYounger Daughter
KanyakumariThe Eternal Virgin
KanyaratnaMaiden Jewel
KapaliniAnother Name for Durga
KapardineeHaving Matted Locks
KapardiniA Goddess
KapilaTawny Reddish Brown Name of the Celestial Cow
KaraTax Hand The Cause of Graceful Beautiful Pure Friend Darling Dear One Beloved
KaralaDurga Opening Wide Tearing
KaralikaDurga That which Tears
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