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LaabhaAcquirement Acquisition Gain Profit
LaasyaSmile Graceful Dance Performed by Goddess Parvathi
LabhyaAccessible Obtainable
LabukiMusical Instrument
LahariWaves Tender
LakshaAim White Rose
LakshanaSymbol Duryodhana's Daughter One with Auspicious Signs on her
LakshmiWealth Prosperity Fortune Goddess of Wealth Wife of Vishnu
LakshyaAim Destination Who has a Specific Goal Everywhere Target
LalikaA Slender Graceful Woman
LalimaBeauty Wife of Vishnu Redness
LalitaBeautiful Woman Variety Beauty Talkative Lovely Desirable Graceful
LalitambikaLovely Gentle Mother Goddess Durga
LalliBlush Radiance Prestige Sweetness A Place Name Well Spoken Chatter Babble Nice Flower
LambaFlame Large Spacious Tall Another Name for Durga and Lakshmi
LasaWeek Birthmark
LataCreeper Vine
LathaSmall Creeper Sweet Like Flower
LatikaDarling Name Small Creeper
LavanaHandsome Lustrous Beautiful Salt
LavangiAn Angel
LavanyaBeauty Grace Beautiful
LaxmiGoddess of Wealth
LayaMusic Rhythm Decline Tranquillity or the Lull After Destruction or the Deluge Musical Rhythm
LeelaDivine Drama Play Amusement Night Goddess of Wealth
LekhaWriting Picture
LenaLight Pledge Bright One Moonlight Variant of Helen Palm Tree Sun-ray and Moonlight Torch
LepakshiWith Painted Eyes
LibniManuscripts of God
LikhitaLord Saraswathi Studious
LilaGood Night Feminine of Lyle Seductive Dark Beauty Lily Purity Pleasure Sport Pastime Delicate Playful Divine Drama
LilamayiFull of Divine Play Beautiful
LilavatiGod's will
LinaAlive Pledge Noble Nobility Light Garden Shining Brilliant Strong Pageant Absorbed Palm Tree Delicate Compassionate Tender
LingaGod Shiva Gender Girl
LinuA Cry of Grief Bright
LipiScript Manuscripts of God
LipikaLitters Alphabets Short Letter
LiyanaArt Softness Tenderness
LochanaBright Eyes
LohitaRed Ruby Lilli Sunlight
LohitikaThe Ruby
LokajananiLakshmi Mother of the World
LokamatriLakshmi Mother of the World
LolaSorrows Moving to and from Lady of Sorrows Strong Woman Sorrow Little and Womanly Female Version of Charles Carl Renowned in Battle Fickle Changing Beautiful Goddess Lakshmi
LolitaRuby Sorrows
LopamudraWife of Saint Agastya Learned Woman
LotikaSorrel Light Reddish-brown
LylaDark Haired Beauty Night Divine Play From the Island Night Beauty Lovelorn Seductive
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