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OdatiRefreshing The Dawn
OjalVision Splendour
OjasShine Full of Light Body Strength Luster Brilliance Glow Energy Power
OjasviBrave Bright
OjaswiniLustrous Bright
OkyaBrave Air Vision
OmThe Sacred The Sacred Syllable The Sound of Universe Creation
OmaLife Giver Leader Giver of Life Commanding Affectionate Nickname for a Grandmother Cedar Tree Well Spoken Reverent The Colour of Olive Named for Bona Dea Life Giving Friend
OmanaLady Woman Tender
OmishaGoddess of Birth and Death
OmkaraOm An Auspicious Beginning
OmnaPious Pure
OmvatiSacred Having the Power of Om
OormilaDaughter of King Janaka of Mithila The Youger Sister of Sita Name of Lakshman's Wife
OpalOpal Jewel Names Became Popular in the 19th Century The Earth Gem Jewel A Jewel or Precious Stone
OpaleJewel Gem Opal
OpelA Jewel or Precious Stone
OshadhiMedicine Herb
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