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PaavanaThe Cause of Blowing Pure Holly
PadmaLotus Goddess Lakshmi
PadmadhariniLotus Holder
PadmajaLotus Born Lakshmi
PadmakshiOne with Lotus-like Eyes
PadmalayaLotus Dweller Lake of Lotuses
PadmamukhiLotus Faced
PadmanjaliAn Offering of Lotuses
PadmapriyaLover of Lotus
PadmashriGoddess of Wealth Seated in a Lotus Divine Lotus
PadmasriDivine Lotus
PadmasundaraBeautiful Lotus
PadmavatiGoddess Lakshmi
PadminiLotus Pond Name of Goddess Lakshmi and Parvati Born from Lotus
PadminikaCollection of Lotus
PadmodbhavaSprung from a Lotus
PajasvatiFirm Strong Brilliant
PakshalikaOn the Right Path
PalitaGuarded Protected
PallaviBud Intelligence in Mind New Leaves
PanchaliDraupadi's Name
PanditaScholar Learned The Wise Man Person
PanikaShahid The Hand
PaniniThe Great Scholar-grammarian Skillful One of the Inhabited Localities in Russia Master of Knowledge
PankajaMud Born Lotus
PankajakshiLotus Eyed
PankajanetriLotus Eyed
PanktiSentence Pharse
PanyaAdmired Glorious Excellent
ParaThe Supreme
ParamaSupreme Highest The Best
ParamatmikaShe whose Nature is the Supreme
ParameshwariSupreme Sovereign Goddess
ParamikaSupreme Highest
ParashaktiSupreme Power
PariCharitable Prince Cute Angel Beauty Fairy Charitable Princes
ParinAnother Name for Lord Ganesha
ParineetiBeauty Fairy
ParivitaExtremely Free
ParjanyaThe Rain God Rain
ParmanandDivine Happiness
ParneePalash Tree Water Plant
ParulGraceful Name of a Flower Flow of Water
ParvaniFull Moon A Festival or a Special Day
ParvathiShiva's Wife Eeswari Queen of the Heavens Sita
ParvatiShiva's Wife Durga
PashahantriThe Bond Destroyer
PatalaGoddess Durga
PataliType of Flower Trumpet The Trumpet Flower
PatiLord Ruler Break by Twisting Baskets of Fish Master Pet Form of Patricia
PatniSovereign Ruler Wife
PatraA Leaf
PatriA Patrician A Noble Mane Vessel Protector Goddess Durga
PauraviHorizon on East and West
PavakiGoddess Saraswati
PavanaPurifying Holy Sacred
PavaniHanuman Goddess Ganga
PaviLighting Lord Hanuman Lightning Write
PavithaPure and Dignified
PavithraSacred Lovely Softness
PavitraPure Pretty
PayasWater Precious
PayaswiniAs Pure and White as the Cow's Milk
PayodaCloud One who Gives Water Giver of Water Milk Giver
PelavaDelicate Fine Soft Tender
PhalguniBorn in Falgun A Hindu Month Arjun
PithayuthiAn Assemblage of Yellow Yellow Jasmine
PitikaSaffron Yellow Jasmine
PivalA Tree
PivariA Wife of Sukha
PokshithaNatural Beauty
PoojithaThe One who is Worshipped
PoornimaFull Moon
PoorvajaElder Sister
PrabhaLight Glow Shine
PrabhatiOf the Morning
PrabhavaliShining Graceful A Raga
PrabhavatiA Raagini Wife of Sun
PrabuddhaAwakened Roused Expanded
PracikaA Female Falcon
PradhaExtremely Distinguished
PradhiIntelligent Great Intelligence
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