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RaadhaaRadha Krishna's Beloved
RaashiSign of the Zodiac
RachanaWriter Creation
RachitaPrepared Creator
RachnaConstruction Arrangement
RadhaSuccess Prosperity The Beloved of Lord Krishna Lord Krishna's Lover
RadhikaSuccessful Prosperous Radha Lover of Krishna
RagaHarmonious Melody Tune Feeling Beauty
RagamayaFull of Passion Music Colour
RageshwariGoddess of Melody Master of Melodic Modes
RageswariGoddess of Melody Master of Melodic Modes
RagiFull of Love Delighting Affectionate Loving
RaginiSinger A Melody
RajaKing Sand Silvery Emotion Affection Hope Royal King-queen Hopeful
RajahansaRoyal Swan
RajakanyaDaughter of a King is Called as Rajkanya Princess
RajalakshmiGoddess Lakshmi Goddess of the Kingdom
RajanigandhaScented Flower
RajasiFull of Passion Worthy of a King
RajataSovereignty Silver
RajaviRoyal Royal Bird
RajinderSpontaneous The Emperor King of Kings King Indra Variant of Rajendra
RajitaLuminous Ornamented Attracted Bright Brilliant
RajiviniCollection of Blue Lotuses
RajshriSage-like King
RajyalakshmiWealth of a State Royal Lakshmi
RajyasriGoddess of the Kingdom
RakaMoon at Full Glory Full Moon First Falling Rays of Sharad Full Moon on Earth
RakshaThe Moon Protection
RaksheeTo Guard
RakshiTo Guard
RaktaOne who has Red-colored Body Painted Beloved Red Dear
RamaPleasing Rejoicing Lofty Goddess Lakshmi Pleaser of the Lord
RamaaGoddess Lakshmi
RamadeviGoddess of Beauty Lovely Woman
RamanaLovable Charming Enchanting
RamaniSuper Cultural Beautiful Girl Beauty of Lord Krishna Wife of Lord Krishna
RamanikaLovable Charming Handsome
RambhaName of an Apsara
RamitaLoved Pleasing
RangitaCharming Coloured
RaniaContented Queen Short Form of Ourania She who Gives Pleasures
RanjanaEntertaining Coloring Entertainment Delight
RanoEarly Early Rising A Peacock's Tail
RanvaPleasant Delightful Agreeable
RanyaPleasant War Like
RasaDew Expressive Nectar Full of Essence
RasajnaArtistic Knowledgeable about the Arts
RasanaBeam of Light Perception
RashanaRope Cord A Ray of Light
RashiCute Wealth Money Beautiful Collection Sun Sign Collection of Wealth Sign
RashmiSun Rays A First Ray of Sun A Ray of Light
RashmikaRay of Light
RasikaAesthetic Connoisseur Full of Passion Elegant With Discrimination
RasmiBeam of Moon Sunlight
RasmikaSmall Beam of Moon / Sunlight
RathikaRider of a Chariot Satisfied
RatiKamdev's Wife Most Beautiful Lady Wife of Cupid
RatikaLove Attachment Pleasure
RatnaGem Gold Pearl Precious Stone
RatnamalaString of Pearls
RatnavaliA Bunch of Gems
RatriNight Bow
RatuQueen Truthful True Speech
RatujaDaughter of Truth
RaviGreat Intelligent Powerful Boy Smart Sun Lord Surya (Sun) Fire
RavichandrikaA Garland of Gems Glory of Sun Moonlight
RavijaBorn of the Sun Daughter of the Sun
RebhaSings Praises
ReemGazelle White Antelope Seed Name of Goddess Durga
RekhaLine Artwork Beauty The Heart of God Limit
RemyaCharming Beautiful Beauty Never seen
RenuMolecule Particle Earth Born of Dust Atom Universe
RenukaBorn of Dust The Mother of Parasurma The Sixth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu Wife of Jamadagni Rishi
ReshamSilk Soft
ReshmaSilky Silk Ayurvedic Medicine Silken Atom
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