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SaadhanaaPractice A Quest
SaarikaCute Name A Parrot
SaarikaaA Bird Nightingale Cuckoo
SaatvikaPure Planets Waxing Moon Jupiter and Mercury Calm
SabariLord Ayappan Vareigated Belongingto the Sabara Tribe
SachiHonest Truth Child of Bliss Wife of Lord Indra Child of Joy Grace Girl Child of Bliss
SadabhujaGoddess Durga
SadhakaSkillful Efficient Effective Goddess Durga
SadhanaPractice Long Practice Study Fulfilment
SadhumatiVirtuous Minded
SadhviChaste Honest Virtuous Virtuous Woman
SadhyaPossible Perfection
SadvatiRighteous Truthful Pious
SaeshaWith Great Desire and Wish
SagariOf the Ocean
SagarikaWave Born in the Ocean
SagunaPossessed of Good Qualities Calm
SahaEnduring Mighty
SahadeviProtected by the Goddesses Mighty Goddess
SahajaNatural Original Innate Loop Normal
SahasraA New Beginning Thousand Times Goddess Laxmi Intelligent Fullness of Mantra The Whole Sum of the Name in the World (Type of the Name in the World 1008)
SahitaBeing Near A River
SailaDwelling in the Mountains
SailajaLord Parvati Daughter of Parvatha
SailiCarved in Rock Style Custom
SajaniLoving Well Loved
SakshiPrincess Real Truth Justice Witness
SaktiEnergy Goodness Power
SalikaDevotee Traveller
SalinaMoon Light Shine Heaven Goddess of the Moon Peaceful Courteous Fennel
SaliniWith a Fixed Abode Settled
SalmaliGarlanded with the Salmali Trees
SaloniVery Pretty Beautiful
SamaEqual Time Even Honest Weather Of a Peaceful Nature Similarity A Year
SamajyaFame Reputation
SamakhyaFame Celebrity
SamaliManage Dark Bouquet
SamanviOne who has All the Best Qualities One who Poses All Best Qualities
SamarasaHaving Equal Bliss
SamastiAll that is Reaching The Universe
SamidhaOne who Dies for a Good Thing Fights for a Good will An Offering for a Sacred Fire
SamihaWish Magnanimous Desire
SamiraA Chameli Flower Pleasant Community Evening Conversationalist Friend of the Night Gust of Wind Cool Breeze One who Reconciles A Chame
SamnishthaGood Aspect
SampadaBlessing Wealth Money Wealthy
SampadinDivinely Wealthy
SampadiniDivinely Wealthy
SampangiPossessed with a Balanced Body
SamprithiReal Love
SampujaReverence Esteem
SamritiMemory Meeting Together
SamudraOcean Sea
SamudrasriBeauty of the Ocean
SamyamaPerfect Restraint or Concentration Patience Quiet Peaceful
SamyaminiSelf Restrained
SamyukthaUnited Goddess Devi
SanaBrilliant Praise Resplendence To Gaze Prayer Brilliance Mountain Top Brightness Radiance Lasting Long Look Loud Old Majestic
SanataniGoddess Durga
SandhyaEvening Precious Mind Twilight Dusk Perfection
SandhyaragaThe Colour of Twilight
SandyaSunset Time Name of a God
SangahinaDevoid of Attachment
SanghaviGoddess Lakshmi
SangitaMusical Music Goddess of Music and Knowledge
SanitraGift Oblation
SanjaliWith Hands Hollowed and Joined in Prayer
SanjanaIn Harmony Gentle
SanjitiComplete Victory
SanjnaWell Known Wife of Sun
SanjogitaAttached Related Conjoined
SankhyaWelfare Comfort Health
SannatiBending Down Humility
SanoliPossessed with Self Penance
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