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TadakaBeater Murderer
TaditprabhaA Flash of Lightening
TajaCrown To Mention Short Form of Anastasia
TalaStiles Bottom Gold Stalking Wolf
TalakaksiWith Green Eyes
TalakhyaWith the Scent of a Palm Tree
TalikaA Bird
TalisaMy God is a Vow
TamaPalm Tree Thunder Night
TamasaA River Darkness
TanaIssue Body
TanayaSon Daughter
TandavaViolent Dance of Shiva
TanikshaGolden Stone
TanirikaA Flower
TanmayiEcstasy Concentrate Ecstasy in Sanskrit and Telugu
TantraTreatises on Ritual Meditation Discipline
TanuSlender Delicate Body
TanujaBorn of the Body Beloved Daughter
TanulataSlim Creeper Like Body
TanushreeBeauty Beautiful
TanusriWith a Divine Body
TanuviA Slender Woman
TanvangiDelicate Girl
TanviThe Brightened One Delicate Girl Goddess of Beauty Caring Loving Good Hearted Slender Beautiful Delicate
TanvihaCute Intelligent Loving Attractive
TanyaWorthy of Praise Of the Family Fairy Princess
TapaPenance To Burn Shine Suffer
TapaniThe River Godavari
TapantiWarming A River
TapasiA Female Ascetic
TapasviniAn Ascetic
TapaswiniAn Ascetic
TapasyaProduced by Heat Prayer Meditation Being Austere
TapatiTo Heat Up The Sun's Daughter
TapiA Name of River Warm Name of a River
TaraA Star The Name of a Buddhist Goddess Hill Tower Crag Rocky Hill The Pupil of the Eye A Hill Where the Kings Met Wife of Lord Brihaspati
TarakaDeliverer Star
TarakiniStarry Night
TaramatiWith a Glorious Mind
TarambaMother Star
TaranaRescuing Saving A Musical Composition
TaranginiA River
TaraniBoat Sun Goddess Earth
TarapushpaA River Star Blossom Jasmine
TaravaliZodiac A Name of River A Multitude of Stars
TaravatiHaving Stars
TariniGoddess Parvati
TariniraHaving the Quality of Liberation Crossing over the Water
TaritaGoddess Durga
TarkshyaAmulet Creeper Bird
TarpanaSatiating Refershing
TarpiniSatisfying Offering Oblations
TaruLittle Plant Small Plant Tree Myth Legend
TarulataA Creeper
TarunaYoung Young Girl
TaruniYoung Girl
TaushiniThe Goddess Durga
TavishaStrong and Energetic Heaven
TeekshnaSharp Lotus
TejaProwess Radiant
TejasBrilliance Lustre Sharpness
TejasaRadiant Energy Majesty
TejasvinOne who has Tej Brilliance
TejaswiniRadiant Lustrous
TejiniSharp Bright Energetic
TejomayaFull of Effulgence
TejomayiConsisting of Light and Splendour
TenaBy that With that Follower of Christ Anointed Strong Healthy
TeraCrag Hill Star
ThirakHindi Term Ralated to a Classical Dance
ThrishalaMother of Famous Vardhamanamahaveeran
ThulajaEnergy of the Goddess The Kundalini Energy of the Goddess
TilakaA Kind of Necklace
TilakavatiDecorated River
TilikaAuspicious Symbol
TilottamaA Celestial Maiden
TimilaA Musical
TirthaHoly Place Goddess
TirthaseniWith an Army of Sanctified Ones
TitikshaLight Tolrate Patience Forgiveness
TodikaSplitting Breaking
TolaA Balance
ToshaniGoddess Durga
TotalaRepeating Goddess Durga
ToyaWater Toy
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