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VaakSpeech The Spoken Word
VaasukiA Celestial Cobra Learned
VachyaBlamed Goddess Sita
VagadeviGoddess of the Spoken Word
VageshwariGoddess of Speach
VagishaMaster of Speech Goddess Saraswati
VagishwariGoddess Saraswati
VagisvariGoddess of Speach
VaibhaviAffluence Cute
VaidarbhiRukhmini Wife of Krishna
VaidehiName of Sita
VaidyaDoctor Healer
VaijayanthiPrize Garland of Lord Vishnu
VaijayantiA Garland of Lord Vishnu
VaijayantimalaGarland of Victory
VaishnavaThe Devotee or Consort of Lord Vishnu
VaishnaviGoddess Parvati Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
VaishnoGoddess Parvati Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
VaishviGoddess Parvati Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
VaisnaviWorshipper of Vishnu
VaitaraneeOne who Takes the Devotees Up to Other World
VajraLord Krishna's Greatgrandson Diamond Name of the Armament in the Hand of Indra it was Made of Dadhichi Rishi Bones
VajramalaWith a Diamond Necklace
VajriniAdamant Unyielding
VakaSpeech The Spoken Word
VakiniOne who Recites
ValgukiVery Beautiful
ValinTailed Courage
VallakiSingle String Instrument A Lute
VallariCreeper Goddess Parvati
ValliCreeper Vine
VamaLord Shiva Woman
VamakshiBeautiful Eyes
VamanaShort Very Powerful
VamikaGoddess Durga
VamseeFlute of Sri Krishna
VanadeviGoddess of the Forest
VanadurgaGoddess Parvati
VanajaDaughter of Forest Forest Girl
VanajakshiBlue Lotus Eyed
VanamalaGarland of Forests
VanamalliLord Krishna Wild Jasmine
VanapriyaLord Ayyappa Beloved of Forest The Indian Cuckoo
VanathiOf the Forest
VandanaAdoration Beautiful Worship Obeisance
VanditaSaluted Worshipped Beautiful Angel Adored
VanditriOne who Salutes or Worships
VandyaWorthy of Salutation
VaniMuse Goddess Saraswati Speech
VanikaEloquent in Words Sound
VaniniSoft Spoken
VanitaWoman Graceful Lady
VanshaOffspring Daughter
VapushiVery Beautiful
VaraGods Gift Blessing Goddess Parvati
VaradaGiver of Blessings Goddess Lakshmi
VarajakshiWith Lotus Eyes
VaralakshmiThe Consort of Lord Vishnu Mahalakshmi
VaralikaGoddess Durga
VaranaHoly River A River
VarangiWith an Elegant Body
VarapradaGranter of Wishes and Boons Granting Wishes
VardhanaBestower of Wealth To Progress
VarenyaCapable of Achieving Everything Gayatri Mantra
VariWater Sea
VariniRich in Gifts
VarishaSleeping on the Sea Love Rain The Rainy Season Lighting
VarivasyaService Devotion Honour
VarnikaBeautifully Coloured Pure Gold Purity of Gold Moon
VarnikaaBeautiful and Colourful Of Fine-colour Fine Gold
VarsaRain Monsoon
VarshaYear Rain Sweet Girl
VarunaGod of Rain Wife of the Lord of the Sea Name of a River Wife of Varun Goddess of All
VarunaniGoddess of the Sea
VarunaviGoddess Laxmi
VaruniGoddess Durga Wife of the Lord of the Sea Wife of Varun Name of a River Goddess of All
VasaObedient Willing
VasanaGoddess Durga
VasantaBrilliant Spring
VasantiOf Spring
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