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YachnaSing Prathna Establishes
YadaviGoddess Durga
YadvaMind Intelligence
YahviHeaven Earth
YajaWorshipper Pries-tress
YakshaA Type of a Demi God Sister of Daksha
YakshiniAttendants of Durga
YamaThe God of Death Also the Five Moral Commandments Restrainer Mountain
YamiPeople Restrainer
YaminiLight in the Dark Night Nocturnal
YamunaJamuna River Holy River
YasasviniBeautiful Splendid
YashiniSweet One who Begets Fame
YashodaFamous Successful Foster Mother of Lord Krishna
YasminSweet Smelling Jasmine Flower Fragrant Flower Flower Jasmine
YasodaConferring Fame
YasodharaMaintaining Victory Conferring Splendour and Fame
YasomatiSuccessful Lady
YastikaA String Pf Pearls
YathiWho Strives with Pertinacity of Purpose One who Makes the People Obtain the Divine Wisdom by Reducing the Ignorance One who Strives with Pertinacity of Purpose
YatiDevoted Ascetic Goddess Durga
YogaSun and Sprout Concentration Meditation Yoga An Art of Achieving Happiness
YogamayaMagical Power of Yoga
YoganidraMeditation Meditation Sleep
YogeshwariGoddess Durga
YogeswariAdept in Yoga
YoginiLover of Yogas Lord Krishna One who can Control Senses
YogitaOne who can Concentrate
YoshaYoung Woman Maid
YoshitaWomen Lady
YositaSuccessful Lady
YugandharaStrongest of his Time Bearing an Era
YugandhraWho is the Queen of the World
YuktaAttentive Skillful Idea Latitude Vibrant With Goddess Lakshmi Charms
YuktiIdea Trick Solution A Device
YuvatiYoung Lady
YuvikaYoung Woman Maid
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