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BaalkrishanYoung Krishna
BadrFull Moon
BadruddinThe Moon of the Faith
BaghawiResident of Bagh Bagshur in Khurasan
BahaBeautiful Magnificent Brilliance Value Price Worth
BahirLuminous Sparkling Dazzling Prevailing
BahlawanEntertainer Acrobat
BajalaVenerated Honoured
BakhtariA Narrator of Hadith
BakkarA Reciter of the Quran and Author
BaleelMoisture One of the Prophet
BalkishanYoung Krishna Lord Krishna in his Childhood
BarakahBlessed Blessings
BarkatGrowth Enlargement
BarrGateway Form of Barretta A Cap One who Sings Ballads Point Top Another Name for God Generous Just Pious
BarraqBright Brilliant Glittering Shining Flashing
BasimOne who Smiles Smiling Happy
BassamHe who Smiles a Lot Smiling
BazamIt was the Name of the Tabiee Abu Salih
BharatCandidate India Universal Monarch Son of Shakuntala and Founder of India
BilalThe Chosen One Black Man First Convert of Muhammad Name of the Prophet's Muezzin (Person who Calls to Prayer) Wetting Moistening A Proph
BinodHappiness Joy
BishrJoy Solved
BulhutNarrator of Hadith Bin Abbat had this Name
BuraydMild Cold A Companion of the Prophet (PBUH)

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