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DaaminSurety Guarantor
DaamodarA Name of Krishna
DaanishKnowledge Wisdom Learning Science
DabbahDoor Lock Latch
DaghfalName of First Islamic Geologist
DahaBlazing Very Bright
DahanaA Rudra
DakhilStranger Foreigner
DakshExpert Talented Fit Fire Gold Son of Lord Brahma Precious Son Son of a Perfect Being Capable Smart
DakshinayanSome Movement of the Sun
DalajitWinning over a Group
DameerConscience Heart
DamiyaGreek God
DamodarLord Ganapati
DamurahFire Sparkle of Light
DandakA Forest Jungle
DarpadLord Shiva
DarshakSpectator Wind Blowing Fast
DarukaDeodar Tree
DasharathThe Father of Lord Rama
DattatreyaGift of Atri
DawlahRiches Happiness
DayaalKind Hearted
DayanandOne who Likes Being Merciful
DayashankarMerciful Lord Shiva
DebjitOne who has Conquered Gods
DeenGod will Judge Place Name Church Official Religion Poor Day
DeenabandhuFriend of the Poor
DeenadayaalHumble and Merciful
DeenathLord Vishnu
DeenbabdhuBrother of Poor People
DeendayalFriend of Poor Humble and Merciful
DeepakLamp Kindle Lustrous Lights Prakash Lifeline Moon Candle Light
DeepChandA Shining Lamp
DeependraLord of Light
DeependuBright Moon
DeeptanshuThe Sun
DevBard Poet God King Immortal Charming Awesome Abbreviation of Names Beginning with Dev
DevaapiAn Ancient King
DevadattGift of the God
DevadevaLord of All Lords
DevajFrom God
DevakanthaBeloved of the Gods
DevakumarSon of God
DevanandJoy of God
DevarpanaOfferings to the Gods
DevarshiAnother Name for Narada
DevashishBlessings of God
DevavrataName of an Ancient King in Indian Epic Called Mahabhatat Son of Shantanu and Ganga
DevdasServant of God
DevendraKing of Gods Lord Indra
DevendrashikaProtector of All Gods
DevguruTeacher of Gods ( Brihaspati )
DevidasServant of a Goddess
DevilaalSon of Goddess
DevilalSon of Goddess
DeviprasadBlessing of the Goddess
DevkumarSon of God
DevpadDivine Feet
DhananjayOne who Wins Wealth Lord Arjun Name of Arjun Lord Vishnu
DhanvineA Name for Lord Rama
DharamnishthOne who has Faith in Religion
DharmadaasServant of Religion
DharmaketuOne who Upholds the Right Way Son of Urmila and Lakshman in Hindu Epic Ramayan
DharmarajKing of Religion
DharmasasthaProtector of Dharma
DharmaveerProtector of Religion
DharmMitraFriend of Religion
DheerajEmperor Patience Consolation
DheerandraGod of Courage
DhirenOne who is Strong Honest
DhirendraLord of the Brave
DigambarSky Clad Another Name for Siva Unencumbered Sky-clad Naked Lord Shiva
DikshitInitiated into a Religious Order
DildarA King Lover Beloved Friend Charming
DilipA King An Ancestor of Lord Rama
DinarGold Coin Gold Unit of Coinage Name of the Grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit
DindayalKind to the Poor
DineshHappy Husband of Angels Sun God of the Day the Sun
DivakarThe Sun

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