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FadilGenerous Giving Honourable Outstanding
FadlOutstanding Honourable Gracious Reward Favour
FaeqSurpassing Excellent
FahdPanther Lynx
FahimWise Learned Prudent Sagacious From Kikuyu Intelligent Scholar Discerning
FaizGain Knight Grace Favour Victorious Blessings
FakhirGlory Excellent Quality
FakhruddinGlory of the Faith Pride of Religion
FakihSmart Intelligent Humorous
FalahSuccess Progress
FanibhusanLord Shiva
FanishwarLord of Serpents Vasuki
FaqeehScholar of Religious Laws Jurist
FaqihJurist Scholar in Fight
FarafisaName of a Companion Bin Umayr Al-hanafi
FarajHappiness Ease Relief Relief from Bad Times Cure There have been Men with this Name
FarazEquitable Above Upon Elevation On the Top Fair Just Ascent Height
FareedUnique Incomparable
FarhanHappiness Joyful Glad Happy
FaridWide Unique Without Rival One of a Kind Happiness Exceptional Another Name for God Pearl Precious
FarisHorseman Perspicacity Rider Knight Ability to Discern
FarrukhBlessed Auspicious Young Bird Sprout Beautiful Happy Fortunate
FaruqDivider Between Vice and Virtue One who Distinguishes Truth from Falsehood
FarwahCovering A Crow Name of a Few of the Companions
FatehVictory Conqueror Triumph The Victorious One
FatikCrystal Deadly Lethal
FattahThe One who Opens One who Solves Difficulties One of the Ninety-nine Names of God One who Attains Victory
FawziSuccessful Triumph
FaysalStubborn Resolute Decisive Judge Arbiter
FenilName of French Flower
FerozName of a King Winner Successful A Classy Stone Turquoise Color
FidaSacrifice Redemption Devoting Oneself for Another
FuadHeart Soul
FujaiAl-amiri Name of Prophets (SAW) Companion

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