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HabibFriend Beloved One Darling Another Name for Prophet Muhammad
HabisCompanion Narrator of Hadith Ibn Sad Al-taiy had this Name Al-tamimi RA also had this Name
HaddadSmith Blacksmith
HadiGuide Leader Guide to Righteousness Gift A Chief One who Guides
HafizProtected Guardian Keeper Preserver One who Knows the Quran by Heart
HafsYoung Lion Collecting Gathering
HaiderLion King of Jungle
HajibDoorman Janitor Bailiff Eyebrow Edge Covering
HajjajOne who Argues a Lot Orbit Eye Socket Orgument Debate
HalimGentle Generous Compassionate Composed Tranquil Mild Patient
HalwaniConfectioner Student of Hadith
HameedFriend Praising God
HamiProtector Defender Patron Supporter Show Favor From Swahili
HamidFriend Praiseworthy Another Name for Prophet Muhammad Praising Allah Commendable
HamirA Raga
HammadPraised One who Praises God a Lot Praising Allah
HammamChief Hero Great Man
HamoodOne who Praises Allah
HaniHappy Content Delighted Droplet
HanifOrthodox Pious Follower of Prophet Abraham True Believer
HanifahUpright Name of Al-numan Ibn Thabit The Great Jurist of Al-kufah
HansSwan God is Gracious
HanumantThe Monkey God of Ramayana
HardikFrom Heart Heartfelt
HareshLord Krishna Other Interpretaion Shiva
HaricharanFeet of the Lord
HaridwarGateway to God
HariharLord Vishnu or Vishnu and Shiva Together
HariharaVishnu and Shiva Joined Together
HariharaputraSon of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva)
HarijThe Horizon
HarilalSon of Hari
HarindranathLord of Hari
HarisProtector Farmer Watchman Vigilant Guardian
HarishLord Siva / Vishnu / Krishna
HarishchandraA Honest King An Ancestor of Lord Sri Ram
HaritGreen Lion
HarkrishnaLord Krishna
HaroonHope A Prophet's Name
HarshadHappiness One who Gives Pleasure
HarshavardhanOne who Gives Pleasure
HasanLaughter Good Beautiful Handsome Good Looking
HaseenBeautiful Smart
HashimMagnificent Destroys Evil Force for Good Generous Great Grandfather of the Prophet Honour
HashmatGlory Joyful Decency Dignity Laughter
HasmukhFull of Cheer
HassanGood Handsome Beautiful One who Beautifies
HatibA Wood Collector
HatimJudge Inevitable Ruler King Steadfast
HawshabSon of Imam Muslim had this Name
HayeeEver Alive
HaythamYoung Hawk Eagle Lion Strong Young Eagle
HemaadriMountain of Gold
HemakeshLord Shiva Venkateswara
HemamdarGolden Creeper
HemangOne with Shining Body
HemaprakashGolden Light
HemdevLord of Wealth
HemenKing of Gold
HemenduGolden Moon
HemrajKing of Gold Joy King of Wealth
HerambLord Ganesh
HerambaLord Ganesh Boastful Name of Ganapati
HimanishLord Shiva
HiranmayaMade of Gold
HiranyakName of a Maharishi
HireshKing of Gems
HiruAs Hard as Diamond
HishamGenerous Noble Handsome Beneficence King of Gems Companion of Prophet Muhammad
HitanshuWell Wisher
HridayanandJoy of the Heart
HridayanathLord of the Heart
HridaynathLord of the Heart Beloved
HridikaOf Heart Friendship
HridyanshuLight from Heart Moon
HrishikeshOne who Controls Senses Name of Lord Vishnu
HudHooded Those who Ask Forgiveness A Prophet's Name
HujayyahFather of Ajlah Bin Abdullah
HumamCourageous and Generous Courageous Generous
HumaylA Companion of the Prophet SAW
HumayunFortunate The Second Mughal Emperor Blessed Auspicious Sacred Royal Imperial
HuraythSmall Cultivator
HurmatSacred Chastity
HurrahFree Liberal
HusamSword Edge

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