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IbhananElephant Faced
IbhyaPossessor of Many Attendants
IbrahimMy Father is Exalted Arabic Form of Abraham Father of Many Father of a Multitude or Many Nations A Prophet's Name Abraham Earth
IdrisStudious Person One who Instruct Lord A Prophet's Name Eager Lord Impulsive Lord of Fiery Prophet's Name
IftikharGlory Honour
IhitPrize Honour
IhsanBeneficence Charity Compassion
IhtiramHonour Respect
IjliThe Name of the Makes of Astrolabes
IkramHonour Respect Esteem Veneration
IkrimahFemale Version of a Pigeon A Companions Name
IlandevanYoung Master
IlanthirayanYoung Man whose Influence Extends Beyond the Seas
IlavalaganYoung and Handsome
IlifatKindness Obligation Friendship
IlyasA Prophet's Name The Biblical Elijah is the English Language Equivalent
ImadSupport Pillar Confidence Mainstay Support or Pillar Post
ImranBeautiful Prosperity Father of Moses A Prophet's Name Powerful Prosperous
ImtiyazGreat King Privilege Distinction
InderThe God of Weather and War Lord of the Devas
IndivarBlue Lotus
IndradattGift of Indra
IndraduttGift of Indra
IndujMercury Planet
IndumatRespected by Moon
IneshKing of Kings
IntikhabSelection Choice
IqbalProsperity Wealth Glory Destiny Desire Fortunate Richness
IraiyavanBlessed by the Supreme
IravatRain Clouds
IreshLord of Earth Vishnu
IrfanWisdom Gratefulness Knowledgeable Learning Prodigy Iron Heart
IrshadGuidance Direction Signal Guiding Hand
IshLord Vishnu
IshaqLaughs A Prophet's Name
IshayuFull of Strength Sun
IshtiyaqWish Desire Yearning Eagerness Craving Longing
IshwarPowerful The Supreme God
IsmahPreservation Infallibility
IsraailThe Chosen One
IstakhriShafaee Jurist Abu Saeed Al-hasan had this Name
ItimadDependence Confidence Reliance
ItishSuch a Lord
IyyappanLord Iyyappan Youthful
IzharSubmission Clearness Oil
IzzPower Might Honour The Daughter of Al-haytam Muhammad Bin Al-haysam was so Named
IzzatPower Honour Fame High Rank

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